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Expect big things again from UC's offense especially the wide receiving trio of Marcus Barnett, D J Woods and Vidal Hazelton. 3 different wide outs with 3 unique stories; Marcus was a freshman all-american, DJ has grown into his role and Vidal is a transfer from USC and the one thing they all have in common: They have something to prove. When you look at an explosive offense the key is the big play components and these 3 have to deliver like their predecessors who have moved on but the names still stay. Dominick Goodman and Marty Gilyard, for example have set the bar high but these guys can reach it and raise it even higher. 

The key is staying healthy and as Zach Collaros said about D J, run great routes and trust that the linemen and backfield will do their job. I wouldn't be surprised if this group of receivers garner as much attention as Batman and Robin, aka Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens of the Cincinnati Bengals. If UC is to win the Big East and win a BCS game it will take everyone contributing and buying in to Coach Butch Jones and his philosophy. But more importantly defenses have to believe your receivers can get past their safety's or shake them so bad in the open field its on their mind constantly. Thus play action and misdirection increase in value like many of us wish our investments would.

So train your eyes to go down field even on play fakes and straight ahead plays; its just a set up for the big play to come. And an opportunity for you to turn to your friends and family and say: I saw that coming several plays ago...

Write it down and memorize the names; Barnett, Hazelton & Woods aka Turf Wind and Fire

That's the way I see it sitting in The Box Seat

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Mr Miller, I always enjoy your perspective as well
as your positive attitude. I do wish to remind you of Armon Binns who is in Adam Saddler's words
"not too shabby".

"armon and Hammer" now that's a good one!!!!
take care.