Will UC change?

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I'm taking the liberty of using UC vs. you see because I can and I thought it was cool. I just had a debate of sorts with my young nephew who thinks because he is a teenager he can misspell words at his leisure, so he's probably saying Ah HA!

The reason I pose the question is typically when new coaches come there are always changes in practice, pre-game and rules. Some good, even great and some questionable. I don't seem much change nor have I heard of much with Coach Butch Jones and I wouldn't expect much. The success he's had prior to coming to UC was in part with Coach Brian Kelly and if it ain't broke don't fix it may apply here.

The only change I think most people care about his now that we have established a presence in football, that we win BCS bowl games and give the Big East credibility for national championship conversation and voting. We are still considered 1A instead of 1 in ranking levels and that won't change until winning happens in big bowl games. If UC gets back there this year, and I think its a tall order, will they get the ghost of BCS games past off their back?
I can't answer that and neither can you but I just hope they stay in the mix; several teams have lots or returning starters and UC is plugging the holes of seniors gone forth. Coach Jones, nor any other coach makes excuses but privately they know it matters. Experience counts and always will but players have to believe otherwise. One of the jobs a coach has to excel at is getting players to play at the required level and to believe in the system. Football is based on that platform more than any other sport I know.

So will UC change and will you see change? either way I love the fact this football program is firmly established as a football power in its conference and in position to be a football power in polls.

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat

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