Armon's Binn There Before & Will Again

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Armon Binn is off to a great start and you might be able to say as he goes so goes the offense of the 'Cats. Not that Zach Collaros, Isaiah Pead, D J Woods, John Goebel or anyone else on the offensive side of the ball aren't needed or talented; it's just that Armon is a target that is gaining confidence and respect while being a go to man with a team we still have yet to assess from top to bottom. After a nice first half in Fresno followed by a poor second half, they come back this past week with a lackluster first half followed by an impressive second half. What I'm sure Coach Butch Jones is looking for now is 2 good halves and Armon Binn will be key. A tall target with range and hops, he is a quarterback on the runs best friend.

With so much talent at the wide receiver position, Armon slid through the ranks to outsiders because of a talented corp or receivers who have made UC a potential "wideout" University for years to come. At the rate the offense is going, wide receivers will get plenty of playing time and plenty of exposure. If you're watching on TV, you can imagine the uniforms and then the action and high powered offense with you in it. So after Goodman, Gilyard and others Binn and this crop can extend the legacy of the position with another bowl bound season and constant TV exposure. Now yes I said the other 3 receivers would be the ones to watch but that's why I'm writing and Butch is coaching. It's not that I didn't think Armon would play and contribute, I thought they had something special with the addition of those 3. 

Now that Vidal Hazelton is gone for the season, it becomes more obvious that this team will go as far as Binn's leaping ability and that should be far enough to keep this team in contention for a major bowl bid. It should also keep young, talented wide receivers interested in UC for years to come. One thing they will see and come to know: UC's offense has room for everyone at the skill position so get in where you fit in. If you're good that shouldn't be a problem. Ask Armon, it's his turn now...

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat

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Did you mean "assess" or were you talking about their rear ends? (asses)? Thank you no rear ending...