Bear(Cat) Necessities

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 I have had time to absorb the loss and the absence of confidence seemingly of this year's Cats. Their Cattitude seems to be in short supply based on what we've seen thus far and the great news is its fixable. That being said it better start in a hurry because the Oklahoma Sooners looked impressive to start the second half in their win last week over Air Force. Now I know Air Force is no Texas or Alabama but you saw what happen once they put the Sooner in gear. His name is DeMarco Murray and he is legit; and so are lots of players from this once dominant football factory.

How ironic is it in the world of sports that when your back is against the wall, and when you have to make a statement, you encounter one of the toughest games on your schedule? I am OK with that because this is no time to wish for Indiana State or Wilmington. Make your statement about your program and the pride you possess. That goes for you too fan come lately. When UC was winning, getting on board was as easy as getting in limo on Friday night. Well now it's getting on a school bus and toughing it out at Paul Brown stadium so it feels like a home game and more importantly a road game out of conference for OU.

We'll see what this team is made of this Saturday at 6 PM and we'll also see what you the fan is made of; constant cheering? Making lots noise when UC is on defense? encouraging others to show up to ensure home field? Truth is there is a lot you can do but most of it rest with the players who swore their allegiance to the Red, Black and White uniforms. I personally hope I see nothing white on the field with UC on it, but red and black gear and red and black mentality that says: enough is enough! We have to get back to playing our brand of football, the brand that put us on the map and the brand that will keep us there. Anything less is not UC football; anything less than your vocal best is not a fan. We all have a job to do this Saturday; Are you going to do yours?

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat

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