Bearcats Breakfast 9.10.10

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Just a reminder to everyone, last call to sneak a question into the mailbag. I will post it this afternoon. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions so far, but if anybody else seeks my wisdom -- or at least the wisdom of the people I will call for an answer -- you need to act fast.

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Also, if you aren't coming to the game, remember to check in to the live blog on the site. I will put it up an hour before the game and the discussion/questions/answers will run throughout. It was pretty enjoyable last week, I'm looking forward to this go-round.

Alright, with gameday nearly 24 hours away, on to the news...

--- Scott Springer talks in-depth to Maalik Bomar. Bomar was one of the stars in the silver lining of the loss at Fresno. He was physical, quick, aggressive and made plays. For a guy in his first career start, he didn't appear overwhelmed in the least.

There's a lot of pressure on Bomar to be a great player this year at the depleted linebacker position, but he appeared up to the challenge on Saturday.

Springer also sends a little love across back to me and found a creepy photo of a guy getting a photo with Trent Dilfer. I shouldn't say anything, though, I am pretty sure my reaction would have been pretty similiar. Good stuff and sweet chain, Trent.

--- Rick Minter returns to UC as an assistant coach with Indiana State this weekend. The Enquirer's Bill Koch spoke with him

Out at Fresno, I was among a group talking with Artrell Hawkins and he pointed out how incredible the UC staff was under Minter when Hawkins was a Bearcat.

It was a who's who of the coaching world headed by current NY Jets head coach Rex Ryan. It was honestly hard to believe all the great coaches that were a part of that team. Probably even harder to figure out how they didn't win more often.

--- As was mentioned here yesterday, Indiana State isn't good. Even by FCS standards. Bill Koch has this. If this game is closer than three or four touchdowns at halftime it would be a letdown for the Bearcats.

--- For those still reeling from the Fresno loss, I offered up this By the Numbers this week especially for you. I researched a list of teams that lost their first game of the season but went on to make a BCS bowl game.

It should just be called "The Virginia Tech Syndrome," since they have done it three times in the last five years (and may be on their way to a fourth), but there are plenty of other teams to take the route the Bearcats embark on.

Last year, two teams lost their openers and went on to the BCS, Oregon and Iowa. Oregon only scored eight points to open the year at WAC opponent Boise State, but never scored less than 24 in a game the rest of the regular season.

I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin.

--- UC covers all the bases and even employs a team optometrist, Dr. Jim Ellis. Here's a video story on the work he does with the players on Butch Jones' blog.     

--- Jon Rothstein has a blog talking to Mick Cronin about the trip to Canada and expectations for the year. Hard to believe it, but basketball season is only five weeks away.

--- Football won't be the only sporting event going on around campus this weekend. The men's soccer team hosts Appalachian State for a game tonight at 7 p.m. and then Fordham Sunday at 1 p.m. The Bearcats are hoping to stay unbeaten on the season.

--- The Big East didn't fare well last week on the national stage, but am I crazy to think the best shot they have may be USF vs. Florida this weekend? After what I saw last week against Miami, I'd say there's a chance. Not a great chance, but a chance.

Brian Bennett offers his take.

--- Jeff Linkenbach may start at OT for the Indianapolis Colts Sunday vs. Houston. Some it depends on health of the starter Charlie Johnson, but it is a very real possibility. Undrafted rookie free agent starting for the defending AFC champs on opening day. Well done.

Here is a blog from the Indy Star that talks about Link.  

 --- Good news locally from the NCAA, as they announced the First Four games of the NCAA tournament would be played in Dayton.

Not only is UD a fantastic venue for basketball, but if UC were to end up in it, they would have a heavy contingent of fans making their way up I-75.

--- To close, not sure if this is a tragedy or a comedy, but Chris Berman has a mustache. It is just as absurd and ridiculous as his play-by-play.

Enter at your own risk.

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