Bearcats Breakfast 9.1.10

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The Bearcats move down to the practice fields outside Paul Brown Stadium this afternoon to get used to playing on grass. They spent the week thus far back inside Nippert Stadium, despite the completion of the practice field at the Jefferson Avenue Sports Complex.

The J is complete but Jones said the process of moving all the equipment and everything up there was more of a hassle than the team needed to be dealing with game week. So, they will begin practicing there when they get back from Fresno State.

I have been practicing on carpet all week to get prepared for press box in Fresno. Dealing with the static electricity challenges your focus.

Moving on...

--- Myself and Brian Bennett both ended up touching on similar topics yesterday. Bennett wrote a story on the Bearcats fighting for respect and I have a piece on the lingering residue from the Sugar Bowl still remaining not only for some UC players, but certainly on the national landscape.

Here's B-twice. And here's mine.

 --- Butch Jones held his first game week press conference of the year. If you would like to hear the entire thing, here you go, including the performance of the opening act, football SID Ryan Koslen. Jones was great, but I think he bombs without Kos warming the room up for him.

If you like your coach in snippets, he breaks down four highlights on his blog.

---  Bill Koch talks about the first glimpse at the new Bearcats defense.

Without doubt, the battle to watch here will be in the trenches. Derek Wolfe and John Hughes in the middle cannot lose ground on a massive Fresno front. That includes the NFL special between Wolfe and Fresno star G Andrew Jackson.

Jackson is on the Lombardi Watch List (FWIW) and considered one of the most NFL-ready O-lineman in the country.

Pat Hill compares Jackson to former Bulldog guard Logan Mankins, of the New England Patriots. Jackson's the real deal, here's a story on him from The fact he's surrounded by four other 280-350 pound manimals doesn't hurt either.

Both Wolfe and Jackson will be in NFL camps next year, the battle between the two of them will go a long to determining who'll have bragging rights.

--- ESPN's Pat Forde placed Nippert Stadium among his top five favorites to visit on gameday in college football in his online chat yesterday.

His list went like this:

1. Sanford Stadium, Georgia; 2. Notre Dame Stadium; 3. Tiger Stadium, Baton Rouge; 4. Ohio Stadium; 5. Nippert Stadium (underrated little on-campus jewel).

--- Sam Elliot at FoxSports talks a little bit about this year compared to last year against Rutgers.

--- The always active blog at the Syracuse Post-Standard talks about tough road openers for Big East teams.

--- Hope you all caught the great Groupon deal for UC football and basketball yesterday. A total of 2,141 UC-Oklahoma tickets were sold along with 4,282 tickets for non-conference UC basketball games.

Although you won't be able to swing a great deal like the Groupon one, tickets are still available for UC-Oklahoma.

As for games at Nippert, season tickets are the only way to guarantee a seat. You can order them for as low as $180 for the season. Just call 1-877-CATS-TIX and they lovely staff will get you taken care of.

--- The Bearcat is taking a run at repeat Mascot of the Year champion. He's been working hard at his fist-pumps and hand claps all offseason and is better than ever.

Just go here to vote

--- USA Today's college blog places UC-Pitt among the top 13 games to watch this season.

--- Transfer Jordan Luallen talks to the Indianapolis Star

--- There is no way to get through this blog without talking about Chapmania. That was one of the most electric moments I have ever been a part of at GABP last night.

FoxSportsOhio hit new ratings highs, including a 17.7 Cincy share at one point. Wow.

To see a guy deliver on ridiculous hype is pretty incredible. My boy C. Trent Rosecrans had a great story about on CBSsports. Also, the sweet Chapmania shirts are still for sale. I suggest you buy 10 and rip one off Hulk Hogan style every time he records a strikeout.

Sports Pickle had their take on radar gun madness

--- Arkansas is a terrible, terrible place.

--- Tasers! 

--- I guess if you can't convince a woman to dance with you, you can always just teach your dog. 

That said, this is maybe one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

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