Bearcats Breakfast 9.14.10

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We will have a new pile of information after the Butch Jones press conference and player media availability this afternoon.

I will also have a full report on the moisture level of the City BBQ.

With the short week, we are only about 60 hours from kickoff at N.C. State, so plenty of stuff coming your way packed into the next few days. Then I may take a second to breathe this weekend. Maybe.

By the way, I want to try to squeeze in a mailbag before Thursday's game. So if you have any questions about the Wolfpack, UC, or anything and everything inbetween, send it to me at Or send it to me on Twitter here. Also, feel free to send any questions you have for Butch Jones or any players and I will be sure to ask them at the availability this afternoon.

Moving on...

--- Scott Springer gives a preview of the game including a photo of majestically mustached Kevin Costner.

--- The UC-Oklahoma game has been put into the six-day window by ESPN. That means they are among a select few they are waiting for more information on to decide how big they want to play it up. Typically, this means either 3:30 p.m. or 8 p.m.

The official gametime will be announced on Sunday and will post it as soon as they get word.

Selfishly, I'd like to keep my Saturday night open, so I root for 3:30 p.m., but as a fan, it's hard not to want the primetime night game.

--- Bill Koch asks the question many are thinking: Is it too soon to worry about the offense?

I would say tentatively, yes. It is too soon. But it isn't too soon to start considering some numbers. I mentioned this in the live blog Saturday and, ironically, it came only seconds before Zach Collaros hit Armon Binns on a 29-yard streak down the sideline for a TD.

But to that point, there were very few attempts downfield, if any, that I can remember. All the passes were short screens, or crosses or slants. It seems the Bearcats struggles stretching the field could be for any number of reasons, but it allows defenses to push up their coverages.  

The Bearcats are averaging 6 yards per pass and 10 yards per catch this season.

Against Fresno St., those numbers were 5.3 ypp and 9.1 ypc. 

Last season UC averaged 8.5 ypp and 12.9 ypc.

There are plenty of games for the offense to find its rhythm and start popping explosive plays, but we haven't seen many of them to this point. Of course, this is also why it is too early to really start worrying. We're only two games in. But, ask me again on Friday and we will likely have a better idea.

--- The Charlotte Observer breaks down the Wolfpack's 28-21 win against UCF. Sounds like a familiar tale: offense struggling, especially up front, defense overachieving.

--- Some more info on N.C. State, this time from The injury to watch this week will be their RT Mikel Overgaard. Tom O'Brien didn't have much a plan when Overgaard went down against UCF and cycled four players through his spot during the game. It sounds like a matchup Walter Stewart would be perfect for.

--- More short week stories, as the TOB gets a little PO'd at the schedule makers.

--- This has nothing to do with UC, but I feel a need to do public duty and encourage everyone to read about the continued disturbing news coming out about concussions and brain damage coming from playing football. This time, from a former Penn standout lineman.

Scary stuff. And it's a problem that should be considered as parents decide if they want their kids to play football.

--- As for today's randomness, Spencer Pratt has been banned from Costa Rica. Can we do that, too? And if we can, why has it taken this long? Throw the entire cast of The Hills and a couple Jersey Housewives in there while you're at it.

--- Some Browns fans probably think this isn't a bad idea.

--- Meet Lady Gaga's brother, Gary Gaga. I am going to go set my DVR to record Nick Swardson's new show now.

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