Bearcats Breakfast 9.16.10

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Remember, tonight the live blog will being at 7 p.m. Feel free to come on early and talk all things Bearcats. I'll be there to answer your questions from then until the final whistle blows.

Until then, here's some last-minute reading on tonight's game at N.C. State...

--- Here are some N.C. State slanted previews for more information on the opponent.

This from the Winston-Salem Journal.

The News-Observer talks about N.C. State's defensive leader, Audie Cole. looks at matchups and the Bearcats

--- Of course, plenty of stories from the Bearcats end. I had this story on the program's primetime opportunity to bolster the image of the program -- the best chance since the coaching change.

--- The biggest opportunity is for the new Butch Jones offense to show they can be as explosive as Brian Kelly's was last season. Bill Koch has the story.

--- Alex Hoffman sure feels like the offense is going to break out. Scott Springer expounds on Hoffman's statements as well.

--- Armon Binns needs to make plays as he did against Indiana State for this offense to hum, especially with the loss of Vidal Hazelton and as the team waits for Marcus Barnett to break out.

Box Miller talks about Binns.

--- If you need a place to watch the game, there will be the standard away game watch party at Dave & Busters in Tri-County.

--- Reuben Johnson brings a swagger to the young Bearcats defensive secondary. He's assumed the spot next to Dominique Battle and if Johnson can continue to develop, it could be one of the top tandems in the Big East.

--- Brian Bennett picks against the Bearcats.

--- With some brief randomness, one of the best shows you have never heard of debuts a new season tonight, with the premiere of Season 2 of The League tonight at 10:30 p.m. on FX. DVR it and watch without commercials as soon as the UC game ends. Thank me tomorrow.

--- You get a dose of Dr. Lou tonight in pregame in halftime. I would much prefer this guy, though.

--- I will see you at the Live Blog here tonight at 7 p.m., if you decide to stand me up for some reason, well, enjoy the game anyway. I'll take the high road.  

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