Bearcats Breakfast 9.17.10

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I'm not too sure where to start today. Even outside of an Internet breakdown at my house and all the lovely frustrations that come from dealing with the fine folks at Dell: India, it hasn't been the best of mornings.

It was another disappointing night for the Bearcats. I want to thank all the folks who showed up at the live blog. It wasn't the happiest of chat rooms I have ever been a part of, but we made the best of it at the expense of Jenn Brown and the WNBA.

Rather than offering too many thoughts at this time, since I wasn't there to talk to any of the parties involved, I will withold opinion until I do.

The facts are, however, the Bearcats are 1-2 and have to face No. 7 Oklahoma on Saturday. The team has now given up as many sacks (15) in three games as it did all of last season.

Russell Wilson threw for 252 yards in the first half and the Bearcats had no answer outside of one 68-yard TD strike to DJ Woods.

In two games against FBS opponents, UC has scored 19 and 14 points. The Bearcats never scored less than 24 in any game last season and had eight games with more than 30 points.

Those are the facts of the case, and they are indisputible. UC returned to campus to today and will work on getting those problems corrected.

Let's check out the links...

--- Here is the game story with quotes from Bill Koch at the Enquirer. It has all the details of the game, but here are some of the comments from Butch Jones and Zach Collaros:

"There were way too many mistakes tonight," said Jones. "It's inexcusable. Our players have got to play better. Our coaches have got to coach better. Everything in our program this week is going to be critical. It starts with me."

Here is Collaros:

"Obviously we weren't expecting these results," Collaros said. "Nobody hopes for this. We're going to see what this team is made of the next couple of weeks. This adversity is going to test our character and it's going to test our togetherness."

Here is JK Schaffer:

"It's always tough when you get a little bit of momentum from a touchdown and then they drive the ball on you," said linebacker JK Schaffer. "But they missed that extra point and we were still in the game. We for sure weren't going to give up."

--- Here was the take from the Charlotte Observer. It was a lot of praise for N.C. State. Say whatever you want to about this game, Russell Wilson has an absolute cannon. His raw ability alone might be enough to put them in the upper half of the ACC.

--- Some cold, hard reality from Brian Bennett, as the Big East moves to 0-7 on the year against teams from BCS conferences, the WAC and MWC.

--- As a welcome aside, basketball season isn't that far away and ESPN and the Big East announced the Big Monday schedule on Thursday. Unfortunately, UC is not represented.

--- To be honest, there's not much more out there of relevance on last night's game that isn't already talked about above. Of course, last night's game did include one of the wildest plays I've seen in a long time.



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