Bearcats Breakfast 9.21.10

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The Bearcats football availability and luncheon will be this afternoon. Butch Jones will talk and a few other players will be roaming around, attempting to sample the spread. I will be back later today with some news and info that comes out of the event.

Until then, let's get to the Breakfast...

--- Some news came out of Jones' Big East teleconference on Monday as Jones confirmed that Isaiah Pead will play on Saturday and is back to full recovery.

Darrin Williams and John Goebel did a nice job filling in for Pead, but the big-play ability he brings out of the running game with his speed can be a game-changer. It will be a nice addition to have him back for Oklahoma.

--- The UC blog points out the dismal reality that the offense has allowed more sacks than anyone in FBS and some other numbers of the struggling offense.

--- This was supposed to be a monster week for the Big East with half the league facing significant national opponents. However, with early losses some of the luster has been taken off it, this from Brian Bennett.

--- Some other news to come out yesterday was that Rashad Bishop is officially back with the basketball team, as Bill Koch reported. This has appeared almost inevitable if you read between the lines of Mick Cronin over the last month, but hearing the official word is a nice boost for the Bearcats.

When focused, Bishop can be one of the most underrated players in the league. What he brings defensively on the wing and in the paint will be invaluable for this team that is still searching for an offensive personality early in the season.

I talked with Cronin yesterday about the schedule which was released -- you can read that here -- and he talked about this team being more equipped from a maturity standpoint to handle the Big East season than ever before. Bishop, with more starts than anybody on the team, is a big part of that.

--- Another note from my conversation with Cronin came from some talk about Dion Dixon, who played extremely well in Canada.

Cronin called Dixon their best player in practice from a standpoint of being consistent and solid.  

"He's close. Veteran coaches always say, talented guys, it takes two years to get him where you want to get him through. He has been through enough in his first two years. He matured as a player and we can play to his strengths. His practices leading up to it were great. He played with great pace, his decisions were great."


--- The UC volleyball team is on fire. They are ranked in the Top 25 for the first time since 2003. They beat No. 5 Illinois and won the Big East/Big Ten challenge this weekend.

And Stephanie Niemer is a huge reason for the their success. She is being named Big East Player of the Week for the second consecutive week and is nomiated for National POW. And Shawn Sell tells her story.

You can take my word for how great the team is playing or get out there this weekend as they host Seton Hall on Friday at 7:30 p.m. and Rutgers at 2 p.m. Sunday. 

--- Sorry, a selfish note here, former Moeller Crusaders star pitcher Andrew Brackman was called up by the Yankees. We. Are. The Big Moe.

(Note: I will still in no way, shape or form root for the Yankees.)  

--- I, like Jeff Fletcher at AOL Fanhouse, am not in any way embarrassed by my alma mater. Well, at least not by its mascot. The dedication and focus to endure a year plus of traveling and events just to get your one shot at Brutus the Buckeye is just the kind of spirit they talked about possessing at freshman orientation.

This guy followed his dream -- his dream was to dress up in a mascot costume and take out Brutus the Buckeye -- but he followed it. Isn't that what college is all about?

Plus, the photos coming out are classic.



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