Bearcats Breakfast 9.23.10

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Fall is officially here and I couldn't be happier because my DVR is working on overdrive. Modern Family and Survivor: Jimmy Johnson's Hair were locked in last night. 30 Rock, Community and, of course, the JShore on the way tonight.

I may need to put plastic on the couch to avoid identation.

Any shows you guys swear by that I need to add to the DVR? I was thinking about $@*# my Dad says but hear some bad reviews. If anybody recommends Glee, I will block them from the site.

Moving on....

 --- Paul Daugherty stepped over to SI and wrote this column on Mick Cronin. This is something Cronin has talked about a lot before and I have wrote about as well at CNati after talking to him this summer.

The pressures placed upon him to win off the court are stronger than they ever were at UC before him. Doc gives a good look at the challenges he faces and has faced. Cronin makes a myriad of moves on the court fans don't understand. He takes a lot of heat among an impatient base used to winning. He's everybody's favorite pinata.

The job he has done is probably among the most underrated in all of college hoops.

Remember when every offseason was a series of police blotter reports? Remember when Art Long punched a horse? Remember when Donald Little did, well, what doesn't need to be repeated here? And this was before cell phone cameras.

When's the last time you heard of one of UC's current guys in serious trouble? (That sound you hear is Cronin pounding on a wood table) Cashmere Wright had a silly tweet once. Oooohhh. Yeah, a lot has changed around the program.

But nobody cares about that stuff.

A team with a lot of talent last year let a lot of games get away. Whether you liked to hear the excuse or not, they were young.

The bill of winning is about to come due at Fifth Third, but for all the message board blasters who spend their days wirting Cronin hate instead of applications, you have to realize the guy deserves the chance to prove he can rebuild a clean program and make the NCAA tournament.

He told me once this summer when I asked him about worrying about job security that he was a few buckets in a few games away from everybody wondering if he was going to leave Cincinnati for a bigger job.

People would have said he rebuilt a program left for dead, returned Cincinnati to the tournament and cleaned it up -- ahead of schedule.

I kind of chuckled to myself at the time, but once I thought about it, I realized he was correct. There would have been buzz surrounding him had the ball bounced his way a few times. People inside college hoops understand how difficult this rebuilding process was.   

No final second collapse against Rutgers, no cold-blooded 3-pointer with a man in his grill from Marquette's Lazar Hayward, no DeSean Butler 3-pointer and what are we talking about?

A team that won at least 22 games, made a run in the Big East tournament and made the Big Dance. Those things happened, so you have to hold them against UC, but they were pretty darn unlucky by any stretch.

Say what you will: say I am a Mick Cronin apologist, say I am pandering to the people who sign my checks, say I am as ignorant as I am bald, but all those things I said in the preceding paragraph are facts.

I'm not saying Cronin is the long-term answer, but I am saying he deserves the chance to prove he is.    

--- OK, that rant kind of came out of nowhere, so I apologize. There's some football game this weekend, too.

Brian Bennett talked to JK Schaffer about playing the role of underdog -- again. We don't condone gambling of any kind here at, but the spread for the game is 14. My only reason for bringing it up is, when was the last time the Bearcats were two-touchdown underdogs at home?

I may not be able to tell you the last, but I can tell you one time they were: Sept. 21, 2002. The last time this team played at Paul Brown Stadium against then No. 2 Ohio State. They nearly won that day.

I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

--- B-twice also made his Big East predictions. He's got Oklahoma 38, UC 17. Also, don't forget, Miami at Pitt tonight. Wannstache in high definition. Feel the thickness.  

--- For those of you who want to listen to UC-Oklahoma on the radio, the broadcast has been moved to WEBN 102.7 FM because of the Reds-Padres game interfering.

 --- Bill Koch wrote a blog saying UC is expecting mid to high 50k at PBS.

Oh, and in response to a reader question last week: No, the end zones will not be redone in UC logos, the only change will be the extended hash marks will be added.

--- Down the Drive has finally returned and moved to SBNation. They are talking about line depth.

--- Hey, look! It's more people hating on the Big East. (Note: photo will bring a smile to your face)

This weekend represents a serious chance for the conference to revamp its national image. Pitt and WVU, in particular, really need to win to keep any respect alive going forward.

--- Everyone needs to listen to Mo Egger this afternoon at 3:33 on 1530 AM when he has the guy who was Rufus the Bobcat and plotted his attack on Brutus the Buckeye for a year and a half. I may tear up with school pride just listening to the man speak.

--- Nice story at about Mardy Gilyard wanting to contibute on offense. He is yet to even line up at WR this year for St. Louis.

He said the big hit he took last week wasn't his Welcome to the NFL moment. He's waiting for a bigger one.

"I just need one of them big, dumb, dauber hits right under the chin," he said.

Gotta love Mardy.

--- Joe Kay at the AP has a story on Butch Jones' transition, and so forth. And that's a good thing.

--- For some randomness today, it's a tough day for you as a parent, if you have to answer questions from the media outside of a jail just before your son is let go in a full body, red, spandex suit.

--- In case you didn't know this already, I am a big viral video fan -- particularly, autotuned song versions of viral videos. You can run and tell that.

But there is a new one that I particularly enjoy. The below witness statement has been makign the round -- watch that first -- then check out the obligatory autotune conclusion. I dare you keep the song out of your head.

Backin' up, backin' up, backin' up. Backin' up, backin' up, backin' up.

(Caution: Watching may cause you to hate me)




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