Bearcats Breakfast 9.24.10

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Went to go see The Town last night and will open with a positive movie review. Good storyline and plenty of suspense. A few too many brooding, shirtless Ben Affleck shots, but outside of that, it was enjoyable.

I don't like to envision Blake Lively as a drug addict, but if I had to be stuck with a drug addict, she would top my list.

That's enough Ebert and Roepering, we are one day away from UC vs. the other OU.

Remember, we will have the UC-other OU live chat from PBS starting an hour before the game on Saturday, so if you are an out-of-towner, we hope to see you here at the blog.

Let's peruse the interwebs.

--- Dan Hoard strolled over to PBS along with the team yesterday for a walk-through at the statdium. UC banners are hanging over the edges and DH took some photos.

He also talked to Butch Jones asking one word to describe Oklahoma. I'll make you click-thru to find out. Plus, bonus Dan gives us a bonus by posting a picture of the handsome lad.

--- Bill Koch talks to Isaiah Pead, who should provide a boost to the offense this week. For a team that has struggled with explosive plays, adding a RB with sub elite speed and a history of breaking big runs should help. The key will be blitz pickup and slipping the ball to Pead in space.  

--- Oklahoma has a new kicker this week. If he's factoring into the game, that is a great sign for UC. The story is from Jenni Carlson, of "I'm a man! I'm 40!" fame. Which is, of course, a perfect opportunity to link to it. Never gets old.

--- OU defensive tackle Daniel Noble is a special talent, althougth raw.

--- The Big East needs to stop playing on Thursday.

If Butch Jones described Oklahoma in one word, I will use one word to describe Pittsburgh on Thursday night: Stachetastic.

Not good. A big weekend for the Big East got off to a start a lot like the entire season has transpired for the conference.  

The struggles of the entire conference almost takes the fun out of rooting against Pittsburgh. Almost.  

--- Jason King joins the list of pundits counting out the Bearcats basketball team.

--- Great news for Josh Schneider. After weeks of waiting following all kinds of controversy, it turns out he has been reinstated and will be a member of the US National Team.

--- In today's randomness, St. Petersburg is my second favorite city in the country. The weather is fantastic, you get all the amenities of a big city with a small town feel. The only detraction is...massive alligators.  


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