Bearcats Breakfast 9.27.10

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Everywhere I went on Sunday, people were talking about UC-Oklahoma. I can't say that would have been the case had the team struggled as they had through the first three games of the season.

That, in itself, is a bit of a win for a UC football program on the verge of being buried under a pile of Reds playoffs and Carson Palmer hating.

UC is a part of the conversation. For one weekend, a big part of the conversation. Around here, especially considering the wild roller coaster of the first month, that means something.

Let's take a look at what people are saying...

---  I had this column about the progress made on Saturday night. To me, the encouragement of the way the team played far overwhelmed the sting of defeat.

I agree with Isaiah Pead, I felt like UC was the better team.

If they continue to play as they did on Saturday, this team will win many more than they lose. I just don't envision those kind of wild mistakes happening on a consistent basis. Plus, in the wretched Big East, everyone else will be making plenty of mistakes themselves.

--- Dan Hoard talks about the progress and addresses some points of concerns in his blog He's right on the button by talking about red zone problems. Everybody is talking about DJ Woods, I keep thinking about three missed shots at TDs inside the 5 on the opening drive.

--- By all accounts, the experience at PBS was a big hit. I think an annual trip to the river for a big game every year would be a fantastic idea. Even from the press box, which tends to be very withdrawn from crowd emotion at PBS -- you could feel the energy out there.

My folks went to the game and loved the atmosphere.

Let's hope this happens more than twice a decade.

And next time they open the lots before 2 p.m. I heard that was an absolute disaster.

--- Some optimism from Down the Drive.

--- UC-Miami will be at 7 p.m. on Oct. 9 at Nippert.

--- J.K. Schaffer=beast. He is averaging 11.2 tackles a game, tops in the Big East.     

--- Brian Bennett moved Cincinnati up to a T-3 in his Big East power rankings this week. He also left the No. 2 spot vacant. And who can blame him?

The Big East is a mess. Their big weekend to prove themselves went just as the rest of the season. Let's make it 1-10 vs. FBS AQ schools for the league. Ugh. Hanging your hat on a WVU win against Maryland just feels dirty.

There is no positive spin. There is no way around it. The Big East is going to get a BCS Bowl game spot and the rest of the country is going to talk about taking away the conference's BCS affiliation for the rest of the season. They will have a valid point. Come to terms with it.

I believe UC is headed in the right direction, but for the BE, there is no shaking off a 31-3 loss to Miami by Pitt. There is no disregarding UConn being slaughtered in The Big House. As much as we may trying none of the national pundits are going to forget Fresno State and NC State. 

No matter how well any team plays during the conference season in the Big East, there will be little to no respect on a national level because of this poor non-confernece showing. At the end of the day, that doesn't mean much. The system isn't changing midway through, but don't expect anybody who runs the table in the BE to move very far up the polls.

--- BB also gave out his helmet stickers for the week. He included Zach Collaros and DJ Woods

--- OU safety Jonathan Nelson single-handedly took victory from the Bearcats. I didn't realize this, but he saved three first-half touchdowns for the Sooners.

--- A lot of Brian Kelly talk in the press box on Saturday. Not much of it good for BK.

--- A story from The Enquirer on Tony Pike, who was inactive for Carolina against the Bengals on Sunday.

--- I will get to this on the NFL roundup post, but two Bearcats made up Peter King's players of the week. Kevin Huber on special teams and Trent Cole on defense.  

--- I love this picture-headline combo. 

--- Mo Egger, radio host, prestigous UC backer, at his absolute best today on his blog. If you follow the Reds even a little bit, you need to read this. That especially goes out to all of you jagoff fans who have spent the past month booing every move Dusty Baker makes and pretty much every pitcher coming out of the bullpen not named Chapman.

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Keep it up dude. Great Job. I'll see you sometime soon.

"country is going to talk about taking away the conference's BCS affiliation for the rest of the season. They will have a valid point. Come to terms with it."

Paul, the Beast's BCS affilitation is not going anywhere. Come to terms with it!