Bearcats Breakfast 9.28.10

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Even though this is the Bearcats Breakfast, it's hard to start anywhere but with the Reds today. Tonight has the makings to be one of those special evenings at Great American Ballpark. The first of its kind there. With a win tonight, the Reds will pile up on the mound, go crazy and spray champagne all over each other.

A year's worth of work will all be celebrated in front of the home fans.

This is one of those games worth getting up off your couch, driving down to the stadium, paying the prices and soaking it all in.

Plus you could even get half off moon deck seats with the Reds Tweetup promotion here.(tix still available at time of this post)  

If you don't want to go, the problem isn't them, it's you.

This has absolutely nothing to do with UC, but the Bearcats talk all the time about the city they represent and being a big part of that. Well, the city could have a very big night tonight, I encourage all of you to forget all the problems and stop booing for one night, be a positive part of it and celebrate this team.

That's enough Reds talk, let's chat Bearcats...

--- Bill Koch wrote about the team being a work in progress. Without doubt, Saturday stopped some of the venom being spit at the program and Butch Jones over the first few weeks. Granted, wins still need to follow, but the progress that game showed meant quite a bit for the future direction of the program.

Granted, both Air Force and Utah State also played to within a touchdown of the Sooners. Oklahoma was playing on the road and UC was feeding off the home crowd. But this was still a UC team that looked every bit as talented as the one on the other side.

They were one play away.

You certainly couldn't have said that following NC State and Fresno State.

--- Bill also had a blolg about moving more games to PBS. I discussed this briefly here yesterday so I won't get too much more into it, but I think placing the biggest non-conference game, or a WVU or U of L game as Bill proposes -- down there makes a lot of sense.

You may take away some home-field advantage with the confernece games by basically opening up space and seats to the opposing teams fans, particularly Louisville, but playing in the Big East UC needs to have big non-conference opponents every year anyway. And they have showed a desire to play them with future games against Virginia Tech and Tennessee.

Moving those downtown brings more UC fans in and NFL enviornement to help sell the program.

But obviously, you wouldn't be making the move for the food, which Esquire ranked dead last among NFL stadiums.   

--- Brian Bennett ranks the biggest disappointments in the Big East. He has the UC offensive line at No. 3.  Yeah, they did give up three sacks on Saturday to run their FBS-worst total to 18 through four games.

But they were much, much better. Those sacks weren't as much a product of the O-line, but a number of other things.

Alex Hoffman at RT and CJ Cobb at RG may have been the puzzle piece they missed. Or maybe, as Jason Kelce talked about during the week, the just weren't as far off as it seemed, it another week of learning some lessons the hard way made all the difference. Whatever it was, their ability to hold OU in check made all the difference in the offense returning to being explosive.

--- B-twice talks about UC in his preview/review and also admits error in selecting DJ Woods for his helmet sticker instead of Isaiah Pead. As he points out, we should give him a pass on this one, he spent the weekend in New Orleans, if the worst thing I did in NO was give the wrong helmet sticker on a blog, well, know what, I probably shouldn't go into this on a public forum.

--- The Big East can't even consider another volleyball player for Player of the Week. Stephanie Niemer is that good right now. For the third week in a row, she took the honor. This comes one week after being the national POW.

Here are the details.

--- Next Fall on Fox, "When Mascots Attack!" In what is becoming a weekly feature here, this week's mascot attempt wasn't from a gloriously dedicated OU dropout on Brutus the Buckeye, rather from a wild animal let go into a frenzied stadium.

The violence meter is much lower this week, but the scary meter goes through the roof for the people in a certain section of Auburn's stadium.

--- So, hopefully we will see all of you at the Reds game tonight and maybe what will happen on the field will top what happened in the stands on Cheezy Dance Cam earlier this year...but probably not. 

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