Bearcats Breakfast 9.6.10

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Well, the Beacats faithful have seen better weekends than this past one, but such is life in college football.

As J.K. Schaffer said after the game, "it's not how many times you get knocked down, it's how many times you get back up."

To expect another perfect season at UC was unrealistic. You could say that about all but about five programs in the country. Nobody expected what happened Saturday night,but that's what first games are for.

On the good side, the defense didn't look bad and the Bearcats are still without a Big East loss.

The No. 1 goal is to win a Big East championship and this team has about a month to straighten out the problems of Saturday night's loss. The play of Maalik Bomar and Derek Wolfe, in particular, were signs of the maturation of this defense.

Moving on.... 

--- UC's loss on the field, wasn't the only defeat suffered in Fresno on Saturday, my quest for a picture with Trent Dilfer fell short. An odd pregame setup where Dilfer was on a second level of the press box and there wasn't any food served, so a late scramble had to be made to the concession stands, allowed the twins not to cross paths.

It was frustrating, but I am going to go back to work, learn from this, and be better next time.

--- I again wanted to thank all the people who showed up for the live chat during the game. I thought it was fun and informative and made for a great little in-game discussion board. I honestly thought before the game there was a good chance it would be me and two people sitting around chatting, but we hit double figures fast and the numbers grew pretty high by the second half.

I think I will do that for all of the games this year, so be sure to check back in and join the fun. If you want to read the replay it is up. I will warn, it's perfect for fans who enjoy calling ex-girlfriends to double check they still hate them.

--- I have to give a big shout out to Katie Coomes, who had the unfortunate assignment of sitting next to me for eight hours of round-trip flight on the UC charter. Everybody needs to follow her on Twitter, but don't send too many messages, she's in the early stages of learning how to respond. Just know, in case you didn't by the spelling, she is not related to Kerry Coombs and her dad does look like Matt Lauer. I look like Trent Dilfer. Life is unfair sometimes.  

--- Bill Koch, who smartly avoided walking to close to myself in my Bearcats shirt as we waded through a sea of Bulldogs fans to the UC locker room, has a follow on UC's trip to Fresno.

--- Another piece of what hopefully will be good news is Vidal Hazelton was walking around on his own power after the game after being carted off with knee injury in the second half. It is being called a knee sprain right now and an MRI is being done today. I should know more after tomorrow press conference.

--- The Bearcats loss was a piece of an ugly Big East puzzle this weekend, this column from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. A Syracuse win over Akron accounts for the lone BE win over an FBS school.

Pitt loses at Utah. UC loses at Fresno. UConn get stomped at Michigan. Even WVU and Rutgers struggled early with their FCS opponents.

In a weekend where the conference could have made a statement to earn respect on a constantly disrespecting national scene, it fell far short. That will likely hurt whoever the BE champ ends up being when BCS selection time arises.

--- Brian Bennett takes a review/preview look at the Big East. He also talks more in depth about this weekend's carnage here.

--- Your ex-girlfriend Tina still thinks you are a lying, two-faced cheater. And you owe her $122.67 from the last utilities bill. Want to talk to her? AOL Fanhouse recaps Fresno-UC.

--- Interesting note: The Bengals picked up QB Dan LeFevour this weekend. LeFevour, of course, was Butch Jones' star QB at Central Michigan and a guy many compare Zach Collaros to.

--- Big congratulations to all the UC grads that made NFL rosters, but especially to OL Jeff Linkenbach who landed with Indianapolis as an undrafted free agent. He's currently listed as the backup at RT for the Colts.   

--- The weekend went much better for the UC basketball team, who won all three games in Canada handily.

Here's a recap of Game 1. Here's Game 2. And Game 3.

A nice bounce-back weekend for Dion Dixon, who scored 21 points against the defending national champion Carleton on Saturday.   

--- Obviously, the Oregon Duck is not about to let the UC Bearcat repeat as National Mascot Champion without a fight. If there is a mascot union, they need to step in now.

In related news, this is unfortunate.   

--- There was a roast of Bob Huggins this past weekend. It's not exactly Greg Giraldo or Jeff Ross, but here's a highlight package. It does include a bit from UC's Chuck Machock, which is always entertaining.

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