Bearcats Breakfast 9.7.10

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And the hits just keep on comin'...

That's one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies (A Few Good Men, I would tell you to go watch it if you haven't, but if you haven't seen it, just stop reading my blog.) The line pretty much tells the story about Monday.

UC found out Vidal Hazelton suffered a torn ACL against Fresno and will miss the season. He could gain a year back with a redshirt, but that is up to the NCAA. We shall see after the season what they say.

For now, it's a pretty significant blow.

I will be out at UC practice today and talk a little further with all the parties involved, especially new outside WR Marcus Barnett who has been granted an opportuinty for redemption. Here's hoping he got a new tattoo to signifiy the opportunity.

But, life moves on, as does the breakfast...

--- Brian Bennett offers a snap analysis of the Hazelton injury. Bill Koch offered a blog about it, as well. And so did I. 

--- Hazelton has been busy on his Twitter account and been pretty open about his wide range of emotions since the diagnosis.

He first tweeted this:

I cried last night like a baby not even gunna lie Twitter.. But my Spirts is Really high today for some reason.. I'm going to be Ok God has a Plan..

Later, he came back with this:

One thing you can count on from Me is I'ma stay in my bible and keep my faith in God.. And Work as hard as I can to get bak to Field ASAP

It's good to see his spirits are on the rise. I'm not sure if' we'll have the opportunity to talk to Hazelton at availability today, but if we do I'll be sure to post what he says on the blog tonight.

--- And for more Twitter fun, Isaiah Pead went into bold prediction mode on Monday.  

--- B-twice also has his Big East power rankings up for the week. UC lands where it deserves and sorry 'Cuse, we know beating Akron was the closest thing to real football since Sporty Spice was relevant, but you still have some work to do.

He also has some more on the horrid opening weekend for the conference.

--- Scott Springer looks ahead at Indiana State with a great photo of Larry Bird included.

--- Some good news for UC fans, the Oklahoma secondary elicited memories of Corey Sawyer on Saturday night.  

--- Boise State won its only difficult game of the season last night in thrilling fashion over Virginia Tech. The fact that you can pretty much slot them into the national title game before the hangover subsides from Labor Day weekend makes me want to stab myself with a spork.

--- The Dagger has five storylines to watch in the Big East this basketball season. None of them involve the Bearcats who will be under the radar unless they tear up the non-conference slate.

--- If you want to follow someone on Twitter, try Doug Wheelock, who is sending Twitpic's of Earth from the International Space Station.

Or, you know, keep reading about Alyssa Milano's lunch. 

--- Today's randomness from the intertubes comes from the Detroit Lions, who continue to deliver comedy into the NFL. Louis Delmas was really excited about his preseason finale. So, excited he wiped out a couple of kids. (Good stuff starts at 1:10)


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