Bearcats Breakfast 9.8.10

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A few different stories came out of Tuesday's media session as the Bearcats prepare for the home opener against Indiana State.

Let's get right to it...

--- BIll Koch used the media day to get to the bottom of the offensive line issues which showed themselves on Saturday at Fresno.

He asks some good questions and gets some good answers in regards to the lack of depth.

Mainly, why is there a lack of depth on an offensive line that won back-to-back Big East championships?

--- Jones talked after the game on Saturday about his team's lack of physicality. He's made it abundantly clear while that may have been an image of this program in the past, it will not be under his watch.

He reiterated those statements Tuesday and backed them up with a much more physical practice. Here are some details from my notebook.

--- Ryan Pence takes a look at the mentality of the Bearcats as they move past Fresno State.

--- The News Record talks to the receivers as they recover from a tough weekend to handle for a number of reasons.

--- If you want to view Jones' entire Tuesday media session, here it is.

--- If you're planning a lunch break at City Barbeque today, wear some UC gear and you will ge two free sides with the purchase of a 1/2-pound sandwich.

If the macaroni and cheese isn't one of your two sides you are crazy.  

--- Wayne Box Miller has seen enough of the white on white jerseys. The new Virginia Tech Nike jerseys looked pretty good. I would love to see UC sporting the mat-black helmets.

--- The Bearcats volleyball team earned a big win on Tuesday night over No. 16 Kentucky.  

--- The best time-killer of the day is this list of the 50 greatest juke moves of all time.

--- Bieber Fever!  

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