Ink of the Week: Dan Giordano

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Each week throughout football season I will feature a tattoo of a UC football player. Everybody has ink these days and these tatts obviously mean something to the guys. They spend plenty of hours and energy coming up with the perfect concept. They should be given the opportunity to show them off.

What better way to get to know the Bearcats players you cheer on every weekend than to hear about things most important to them.

This week I spoke with DL Dan Giordano. In case you couldn't tell by his last name, Dan is Italian. He grew up in a traditional Italian family and was extremely close with his grandparents.

Giordano has a few tattoos, but one that honors his grandfather was his undeniable favorite. 


Who: Dan Giordano, RS Soph., DL, Frankfort, Ill.

What: Italian flag, the word Papa, 1929-2006, "Bone that made the bone."

When: Giordano got parental consent when he was 16 years old for his first tattoo. 

Meaning: "It is a memorial for my grandfather," Giordano. "I called him Papa. Every week, I come from a big Italian family, so I have pasta on Sundays. I saw the grandma and grandfather every week. When he passed away, he left me his car, which was pretty special. I was 16 driving it around, it was a Grand Marquis.

"'Bone that made the bone was his No. 1 saying, he is the top guy of them all."  

Ritual: "Before the game I always look at it like that. He was a big mentor in my life."

Family: "They lived 20 minutes away. Every time I go home, the first thing I do before I go to my house is see the grandmother." 

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