Next stop: San Joaquin Valley

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I am about to head out to the Lindner Center to begin departure for Fresno. One four-hour flight later and I will be in beautiful California.

So, that's going to be my excuse for no standard Bearcats Breakfast this morning. But don't worry loyal readers, mailbag and other posts will be streaming in heavy quantity this weekend from out West.

I have one goal on this trip outside of providing the best Bearcats coverage on the interwebs. My goal is to get my picture taken with Trent Dilfer. Ever since my hairline started running scared from my face, I have been a dead ringer for Dilfer. It's uncanny, reallly. And it has become a running joke for a while with my friends. Anyway, he will be at the game doing the broadcast for ESPN2 and I can't wait to get my picture taken with him and post it for the world to see an unnattractive Doublemint gum commercial.

Anyway, like I said, check back here all weekend for all things UC and Dilfer and follow me on Twitter here. Also, email any more questions for the mailbag to If you do it this morning, I can sneak them in.

My buddy Jamie Broooks said the kids at the high school he used to go to said this phrase before they stole books from the bookstore (who steals books?), which always made me laugh because it is one of my favorite sayings, but...

Let's do this!

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