White Out!

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OK, I can't take it anymore; UC football get rid of those white uniforms ASAP! This is the second time I've seen those uniforms and I don't like the results or the implication, wrong as I may be. They're too clean, nice looking even choir boy like and that doesn't work for football. 

I am still reminded of my trip to New Orleans and at first sight, the section I was in was disappointed the black, kick you butt, move out of our way swag outfit was absent. We were playing Florida and Tim Tebow so we knew who the favorite was outside Ohio. Something about football and white; it's hard rooting for Penn State for that very reason, they look too nice. I want the all or nothing look; the we aren't scared look, the try me I dare you look and yes the WE belong look. White doesn't do it for me with a Bearcat and I guess it didn't do it against Fresno State (we know the uniform doesn't really tackle, throw or block, etc.) but please for the rest of the season wear black, red or nothing.

About the game; I hope you understand now why schools schedule hyphenated opponents so they can work the kinks out of their game for the tougher opponents. Playing Fresno State on the road early begs to question why we're playing Indiana State second? I guess we and Boise State had the lets get the party started early mentality; and there will always be arguments pro and con for either but in this BCS, biased rating system, going undefeated is the only way teams not named Texas, Florida...etc. will ever get close to playing for the title until a playoff comes along. So now that we're probably out of the title race I presume UC fans are still on board knowing running the table from here will be a tall order. Most people that know football or have kept an eye on this program knew from game one it was going to be a roll of the dice how this season would end up. There was a lot of positives and yes some negatives but first games reveal what no other game can and that's the immediacy of your shortcomings and your attributes.

So lets see what happens now, not only on the field but in the stands. This team needs its fans more than ever and as the Gap Band would say..."All aboard..."

That's the way I see it sitting in The Box Seat.

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I like the white road uniforms, just keep the black helmets. I'm not a big black on black fan. I like white pants either with Red/Black/White Jerseys.

Someone finally called out the white haha. The white jerseys would be ten times better with black helmets/pants or even red helmets/pants. Cincy is the black & red, you know? If they're going to go all white they should get Adidas to make them throwbacks and do the white helmets. The white helmets from back in the '60s would be slick with throwback unis: http://www.nationalchamps.net/Helmet_Project/bigeast.htm

Box: I agree, keep the Black helmets and get rid of the white ones. From the Bleachers, Gary