Bearcats Breakfast 10.06.10

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After watching the 30 for 30 Red Sox documentary last night, I'm officially jacked up for the baseball playoffs. It's amazing how different postseason baseball is from any other sport. When you hang on every pitch it reminds you why the game is so great. Nobody who watches a playoff game and cares even a little about a team can revert back to the old baseball crutch of how boring the game is. Every play matters.

To have the Reds as a part of it for the first time in ages, I wasn't sure how I would react. Turns out, I'm nervous. I can't remember the last time I was nervous for a sporting event. Covering as many as I do, they tend to all blend together. I remember being excited for UC-Fresno State. I remember being excited when I covered Pitt-Xavier in the NCAA tournament last year.

But not nervous. 

I think that's why we've seen this city rally around the Reds like few other teams, issues, events in recent memory. Watching this young team come together makes us all feel like we are a part of it.  

I have no idea what's going to transpire over the next few days and if the odds fall as they are setup, the Phillies will have little problem with the Reds.

But what if they don't? Baseball is a crazy game and the Reds have enough ability that they could flip the switch and shock the Phillies. If they do that, then what stands in their way? The Phillies are the resounding favorite to win the NL. Like they said in Boston in '04 -- Why Not Us?

OK, I'm nervous again.

If you aren't a Reds fan then A) What's wrong with you? B) I better not see you using your buddy's Reds gear to get a free coney at Skyline today and C) Here's a flow chart to help you pick who to root for. 

Time to talk some UC... 

--- I was able to chat at length with D.J. Woods and some of his teammates yesterday about how he's dealing with what obviously was a game where he was especially hard on himself afterward. Here's my story.

Woods is hard on himself because he's as competitive a guy as you'll find out there. I was surprised he guaranteed he wouldn't fumble again, but at the same time,that's his personality. He's focused at all times on being a better football player. Right now, that focus is set square on keeping the ball high and tight and not being lazy with it.

That should be great news for Bearcats fans.

--- Bill Koch points out that fumbling is not only a D.J. Woods problem. Zach Collaros actually leads the league in total fumbles. He has lost the ball 8 times, but five of those UC has recovered.

--- There were plenty of other news and notes from the media availabilty yesterday. I posted a recap of playing Munchie Legaux at WR, injury updates, Jones talking about confidence and a number of other things.

--- Brian Bennett talks about his excitement to start saying the name Munchie Legaux. He will fit right in here, a sports town that in recent history has seen Frostee Rucker, Tu Holloway, TJ Houshmandzadeh, Chad Ochocinco and Dick Pole.

--- Cincinnati Bengals QB and former Butch Jones system star Dan LeFevour stopped by UC practice yesterday to take in some football on his day off. Word is that he has begun developing a relationship with Zach Collaros and popped around periodically to be a contributing piece of Jones' program.

--- Mayor Mark Mallory will be at practice today to present the Bearcats with City of Cincinnati flag. One question -- we have a flag?

--- ranks the top 120 FBS teams in the country. UC falls in at No. 71. Since I know you were wondering, the mighty Ohio Bobcats are slotted at 104.   

--- Sam Elliot talks about UC burning more redshirts for the News Record.

--- How about some randomness....

--- Can we take Florida, lop it off, let it float into the Atlantic Ocean, but still keep the Keys as a province? You didn't even need to tell me what state this sign was in. I already knew.

--- I can't remember this much hype for an NBA video-game release, ever. We once again realize why there will never be another Jordan. Fifteen years later, he's still the biggest draw.

--- If you hit a parked car, you're probably not the best driver. This guy felt like he needed to leave some more evidence of that on tape.

--- Sometimes you need a lawyer, sometimes you need a bathtub, sometimes you need a wolf. Indeed.

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