Bearcats Breakfast 10.08.10

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I hope everybody plans on making it down to the first night game at Nippert this season. I'm yet to experience one, so I am excited to see what it's like myself.

I'll have a few more posts today. No live blog this week, since most of you that read will be at the game. We'll be sure to pick it up for the Louisville game, though.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter Saturday for all the insight, analysis and jokes about the museum center.

Let's eat... 

--- Bill Koch writes that UC badly needs a win. He points out an obvious truth, this program was supposed to be beyond rationalizing losses even to good teams like Oklahoma, NC State and Fresno State.

There is a pressure to string some wins together and the schedule sets itself up here to do just that.

--- Brian Bennett believes that win is coming with his Week 6 predictions. He has UC romping in a 35-14 blowout.

--- gives the nod to the Bearcats as well, but by a slightly closer margin.

--- The Big East's automatic status is going nowhere. At least, it is as solid as anybody else's until 2012 when nobody knows what the hell is going to happen. 

Brian Bennett calms any fears and points out these things run in a four-year evaluation cycle. The success of the Big East, in particular UC, over that time assure the the Big East as one of the top six conferences in college football. Combine that with the major markets the conference holds down and you have yourself no reason for concern.

That is until expansion makes everyone lose their minds...

--- I talked yesterday about the need for more prodcution from Walter Stewart. Well, Tim Adams at Bearcat Lair took it a step further and has an in-depth look at Stewart and the lack of defensive production in general.

UC is on a pace to set the lowest sack and TFL numbers in seven years.

Stewart talks about why things haven't gone to plan to this point and why he thinks they'll turn around.

--- Miami has done a much better job this season of making halftime adjustments, as Pete Conrad points out. They have outscored opponents 61-57 after the orange slices this year compared to losing 187-103 last year.  

--- Former Bearcats standout Pete Mickeal went wild in FC Barcelona's game against the Lakers on Thursday. Mickeal hit a huge 3-pointer late and nearly had a triple-double with 24 points, 13 rebounds and seven assists in Barcelona's 92-88 upset of the fighting Kobes. In fact, he checked Bryant for much of the game and held him to 15 points on 2-of-15 shooting. 

--- The Seton Hall blog the South Orange Juice ranked UC 11th in its preseason Big East power poll. I am sure Mick Cronin feels extra motivated knowing a reputable media power player like the Juice left them out of the Top 10.

--- Did you know the NHL season started last night? Neither did I.

--- Friends don't let friends watch Mario Lopez reality shows. Unless it's a Bayside-Valley Wrestling Match to the Death, producers need to stop making shows with this guy.

--- If Kentucky is Ohio's Mexico, then the actions of Miss Kentucky Latina make perfect sense. She lost her crown recently. But to be fair, stabbing a man in the neck with a ball-point pen was the talent that won her the title.

--- New Mexico State students have found real motivation to push the football team to its first win. "Once you get a win, then you can get it in."  

--- Those guys may want to pick up one of these in the meantime. (Disclaimer: Is a real toy. Completely sophomoric and immature, but real)


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