Bearcats Breakfast 10.18.10

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Well, today's my 30th birthday. Pretty odd feeling.

I feel very much the same that I did when I was 29, except I have a lot more posts on my Facebook wall.

As you know, I try to keep this pretty light here, so I won't go into some depressing diatribe about getting older. Plus, I don't have time. I have a pile of Facebook messages to return.

Let's talk Bearcats....

--- Great game on Friday from a spectator's point of view and definitely from a Bearcats fan point of view. Perhaps nobody had a better game than Sean Hooey, though. He moved over to RT to make his first start and shut down the UL pass rush, that led the BE in sacks.

They rarely pressured Zach Collaros. The only time you heard Hooey's name was when he went out for one play with an injury.

My buddy Dean wants to start a chant for Hooey during the games, and it might be worth looking into. It's hard to cheer offensive lineman, because nobody really knows when they are doing something well. But I think anytime Isaiah Pead rushes for a short first down off right tackle, the crowd can chant all together....


The Es are obviously a high-pitched squeel of sorts. And it probably won't catch on. But he deserves it after that performance.

--- I wrote about Armon Binns after the game. Binns was named the Offensive Player of the Week in the Big East on Monday.

ZC threw a career high five touchdowns and did a great job of putting Binns in a position to make plays, but I coudn't get over how Binns continues to go get every ball on those go routes and come down with it. He reminds me a little bit of Carl Pickens. For his play on the field, not his tendency to be a d-bag off it.  

The only thing more amazing than Binns' play was Louisville leaving him one-on-one over and over again. But, that's a product of the invigorated running game as well.

--- Bill Koch posted a blog that touched on a number of different topics on Saturday. Among those was Butch Jones commending Marcus Barnett for the way he's played. Barnett rarely gets thrown to and doesn't show up much in the box score, but Jones claimed Barnett is blocking downfield as well as any receiver he's had.

It also said that D.J. Woods, Wes Richardson and Alex Hoffman all look like they may be able to play Friday against USF.

--- Brian Bennett started what will be his weekly bowl projections. The latest has WVU winning the BE and going to the Fiesta Bowl.

He has UC going to Charlotte for the Meineke Car Care Bowl. Which would be fantastic...for me. One of my favorite restaraunts in the country is there, The Cajun Queen. Hot Jambalaya!

--- Tim Adams at BearcatLair gave out his awards and rightfully started with the offensive line.

--- Is Mo Egger an objective observer? Not exactly. Is he supposed to be? No. Is he the best blogger in the city? Probably. Does he have the his fingers squarely on the pulse of the Bearcats fan base? Absolutely.

--- Dan Hoard is opening the campaign of Zach Collaros for 2011.  

--- The News Record put together a pretty sweet slideshow from Friday night's win.

--- Tommy G with a feature about UC's strength and conditioning with Dave Lawson.   

--- The first BCS standings of the year came out yesterday and Oklahoma sits at No. 1. West Virginia was the highest ranked Big East school at No. 20.

Oklahoma, Oregon, Boise State and TCU are the top four. Ugh.

Starting third is bad news for Boise, whose BCS will only get worse with their cupcake schedule the rest of the way. But, they are still atop the Fanhouse Fab 40, which I am sure makes it all better.

--- Sad, sad news on Rutgers DE Eric LeGrand, who suffered a neck and spine injury.

--- Nothing brings out contrived wierdness more than Midnight Madness. Thanks to RTC for the roundup.

--- Tough news to hear about Robbie Hummell, who tore the same ACL from last season in the second drill of his first practice. Just awful. Dana O'Neil has her take.

--- Yeah, I can dunk over 7 people too. Pepperdine's Keion Bell is a freak.




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