Bearcats Breakfast 10.25.10

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Did you miss me?

Oh, you didn't know I was gone? All right, I'll have to live with that.

I wanted to thank the News Record's sports editor Sam Elliott for picking up for me as I single-handedly re-invigorated the Key West economy for my good friend's wedding this weekend. Sam did a great job and, unfortunately, wasn't reporting better news.

I did make sure to find time to catch the USF game on Friday night and can only say the more you know in college football the less you understand.

If taking a poll before the game, I would have told you the lock of the century was that game being a relatively low-scoring affair. With one or two long UC drives making the difference. Then a Great Alaska Shootout broke out.

To see a USF offense that didn't score one offensive touchdown the first two Big East games run up and down the field with such ease was probably the shocker of the season to this point.

And the injury to Zach Collaros sure didn't help to put the a little rancid icing on the burnt cake. 

It's a tough one to swallow, but take a look around the Big East. It looks a lot like the NFL. No dominant teams, WVU loses, this one will be anybody's to win and go down to the final week.

Let's take a look at what they're saying...

--- Zach Collaros is questionable for Saturday's game. Bill Koch had this post after talking with Butch Jones saying Zach might play.

The Breakfast,of course, will keep you updated on his status whenever info comes available during the week. Collaros is really starting to put up some gaudy numbers and give this offense legs. It's almost easy to forget he put up 463 yards because of the bitter taste from defeat, but he's got this offense in high gear.

Collaros is currently ranked 10th in the country in passer rating and 7th in total TD passes with 17, of those top 7 in TD passes, nobody has fewer interceptions.

--- Koch also talks about picking up the pieces in the Big East. He points out UC now needs to win three of its final five games -- including a trip to Morgantown and visit from Pittsburgh -- just to be bowl eligible.

This program even talking about a journey to get to six wins I'm sure sits uneasy with everyone inside the Lindner Center.  

--- Dan Hoard points out how much the self-inflicted errors buried the 'Cats on Friday. Dropped passes, 12 penalties for 115 yards. Just not winning football.

--- BearcatLair with a postgame notebook, including much-deserved recognition for K Jake Rogers, who continues to kick well. He hit three more on Friday night. He's now 8 of 10 on FGs for the season and 24 of 25 in PATs.

--- Brian Bennett breaks out his power rankings with UC stationed in the middle of the pack at No. 4. And fighting Wannstaches sit back at No. 1.

Hard to believe Pitt is really the best team in the Big East right now all things considered, but BB is probably right.

--- BB also projected out his bowl game assignments with UC at the Beef O'Brady's Bowl. I once watched the Bengals-Eagles tie game with a friend who is an Eagles fan at a Beef O'Brady's. The only thing worse than the game was the burger. Let's hope for a win streak.

--- If there is a worse place to be stuck pregame than in an elevator with 5,000 pounds of offensive lineman, then I don't want to know about it. That's exactly what happened to 12 Clemson players on Saturday, though.

--- Cashmere Wright talks about being confused at times last year, though, I thought toward the end of the season he showed significant progress. He contributed at least four assists in four of the final nine games in the regular season. You have to think his breakout offensive showing against Louisville, Providence and USF will appear more consistently with another year in the system.

--- Gary Parrish slips Yancy Gates into the his top 20 big men in the country. If you are a UC hoops fan, seeing a renewed, refocused Gates play this year has to be your No. 1 storyline.   

--- The Big O talks about his big career with Slam Magazine.

--- In some randomness, and a shocking revelation, WWE's Undertaker acts like a musclebound goon. It sure is easy to bow up to a guy who just got smacked around an Octagon and lost his heavyweight title.

Unfortunately, Paul Bearer didn't come out from behind him holding the urn to reinforce Taker's point.

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