Bearcats Breakfast 10.27.10

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Well, we all survived the great storm of 2010. Or, at least, what was supposed to be the great storm of 2010. While in the Lindner Center during UC's football luncheon yesterday, myself among a small group of reporters stood in the hallway waiting on some players to talk to.

As everyone came through, each was covered in water more than the other, looking like they just ran the stadium steps for two hours.

"Don't go out there," Alex Hoffman said.

When a 300-pound offensive lineman tells you not to go out there, you don't. It actually wasn't that bad thanks a short walk under cover to the garage, but still a pretty funny scene.

Hopefully all of you are among the residents with power today. I am assuming you are since you're reading this right now.

Yet, I digress. Let's eat...

--- I'm looking to put together a mailbag very soon, both football and basketball related. Send me an email with your questions ( and I'll start getting your answers.

--- Scott Springer spoke with OL Jason Kelce about the Big East and his bout with illegal touching on Friday against USF. Kelce had some skills with the ball, though, Springer points out that the senior averaged 9.5 yards a carry during his career at Cleveland Heights High.

I, for one, officially cast my vote for Kelce as goal-line running back.

--- Yesterday was all about the quarterback situation, as the two days will be until we get official word from Butch Jones on the knee of Zach Collaros. I had this story yesterday talking to Chazz Anderson, Jones and briefly with Collaros.

Zach was originally on crutches his first walk through the Lindner Center hallway, then walked back through without them later. He was wearing a pretty large brace and wasn't exactly sprinting.

There seems to be a pretty serious sentiment around the team that Collaros definitely could play. But he did not participate fully in any drills Tuesday, mostly tossed on the side.

We should know sometimes Thursday, stay tuned.

--- Whoever plays QB will have to contend with a Syracuse defense ready to get after it. I thought Jones had a telling quote during yesterday's press conference. (You can view the entire presser here)

"They are one of the most physical teams I have ever watched scouting an opponent," he said. "I enjoy watching them."

Coaches compliment the opposing team every week. For once, I would love to see any coach unleash what he/she really feels: "This team is garbage. If we don't wreck them and embarass their families then we might as well quit playing." However, this sounded different from Jones. It sounded truly genuine, and I've not heard him make a statement like that all season.

Linebacker Doug Houge obviously can give the business considering he was just named National Defensive Player of the Week.

--- UC counters with its own linebacker, J.K. Schaffer. The junior was named the UC Scholar Athlete of the Month

Schaffer has winner written all over him for whatever he does once leaving Clifton. Smart guy, considerate, hard-working. I'm a fan.

Unfortunately, I have to eat a little crow with him tonight. I haven't had the opportunity to interview him since I wrote this piece on him. After the interview I talked a little too much trash about how my Moeller Crusaders were going to take out his LaSalle Lancers that week. They did not.

--- Speaking of good people in the UC football program, great story from yesterday's practice by Rontina McCann at Fox19.

--- I went off on an unnecessary tangent in yesterday's breakfast about the knee-jerk reactions of fans.

Brian Bennett's mailbag is a perfect example.

-- BB also issued his stock report for the week with Marcus Barnett making his stock up list. I have a hunch you might be able to read more about Bones in this space some time later this week.

--- Syracuse's Doug Marrone celebrated his big win last week by eating a bologna and cheese sandwich.

Personally, I love bologna and cheese. When I was young I used to get one packed in my lunch. Of course, I also got an apple in there that would squish the crap out of my bologna and cheese and leave violent hole in the middle of the sandwich. And do you know how hard it was to trade an apple for some Animal Crackers in second grade?

Anyway, I'm liking Marrone more an more by the day.

--- Syracuse has ruined three different homecomings this season, including their own. They go for No. 4 Saturday.   

--- Cincinnati247 has a story on the new UC offense talking with Cashmere Wright and Mick Cronin.

Certainly, this team needs to pass and shoot better if they are going to make the NCAA tournament. The return of Parker and Wright should play a significant role in assuring that happens.

--- The Indiana Pacers open their season tonight and Lance Stephenson is on the roster. He's been back with the team all camp. I wouldn't expect him to see many, if any, minutes this season.

--- My favorite headline of the day: "Florida bomb squad defuses a box of kittens"

--- Sports Pickle produced your office's injury report. Great stuff. If I was trying to find myself on the list, I  think I would be: questionable (struggling to think of a reason to get out of bed).

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