Bearcats Breakfast 10.28.10

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As I went to bed last night I couldn't help but think how Wednesday night was a great night of television. Yeah, I probably should be having more profound thoughts as I lay down, but let's not judge.

You start off with Game 1 of the World Series between Cliff Lee and Tim Lincecum -- and that was about the sixth best thing on last night.

The final season premiere of Friday Night Lights on DirectTV was on and it, of course, was outstanding. I won't go all spoiler alert on you, but it's standard excellence from FNL.

Then, I spent 22 minutes rolling at one of the funnier episodes of one of the funniest sitcoms on TV. If you haven't seen last night's Modern Family episode, I highly recommend it.

Of course, Game 1 was still going on, but I couldn't switch over because I was locked into the fourth quarter of Bulls-Thunder. Watching Derrick Rose play is one of the coolest ways you can waste 20 minutes. Watching the Thunder overcome him was the coolest way I have spent 20 minutes all week.

As I saw posted on Twitter: "Watching your favorite team lose to the Thunder is like being killed by an avalanche of puppies."

How do you not like those guys.

Oh yeah, then as that game ended Blake Griffin showed why he may be the reincarnation of Dominique Wilkins and Charles Barkley combined. Holy crap, what a debut -- he went for 20 and 14 with half of those coming from a foot above the rim. Here are the first points of his career. Sick. 

Last but not least, one of the best, most honest interviews with President Barack Obama you'll see came from Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. Stewart is obviously a Democrat, but was able to have open, critical debate about issues that are at the center of politics right now. Here's the interview and NPR blog.

If only the TV set could deliver like that every night. Not sure why spent that long telling you what I watched, but there you go anyway.

All right, let's eat....

--- Hard not to start anywhere but Notre Dame today. The details will arise soon, but there are some serious answers that officials of the school need to find and fast.

The kind of negligance it takes to allow a student to stand on top of a scaffolding like that in 50 mph winds is as inexcusable as it is incomprehensible. Here's the AOL Fanhouse story.

Let's just hope programs across the country take notice.

--- On to less serious news, Zach Collaros is improving. At least, this according to Butch Jones yesterday. Jones said he was "encouraged" by what he saw from Collaros, who participated more extensively on Wednesday than he did on Tuesday. He said he looked sharp and Jones put the chance he will play at 50-50, which is about what you could have said at the beginning of the week, but seems like more of a reality now.

We should know the decision by the end of today.

Of course, you can follow me on Twitter for an instant update as soon as I hear, or pop back here periodically.

--- Don't forget to email any and all football and basketball questions today, (, I'm throwing together mailbag, so any advanced notice so I can secure the answers would be appreciated.  

--- You hate to even talk about this, but there is a possibility the Big East doesn't fill all its bowl spots. And there is also a chance UC doesn't qualify. Brian Bennett took a look at that doomsday scenario.

It reminds you of just how big a game Saturday will be for both UC and Syracuse. A loss for the Bearcats would force UC to win either at WVU or at home against Pitt, on top of winning the other two they will favored in vs. Rutgers and at UConn -- just to get to 6-6.

--- Syracuse's Doug Marrone quickly turned the Orange around. Coming off their biggest win in his tenure, suddenly the future is looking brighter in Syracuse. This from Kevin Kelly at the Enquirer.

They are riding a wave of momentum, among other cliches.  

--- I put together the latest edition of Ink of the Week yesterday. This time I caught up with the Momma's Boy himself, Isaiah Pead.

--- Would you like a map of Homecoming? OK, here you go

--- Picked up my latest edition of SI and found a familiar face in Faces in the Crowd. That would be UC's volleyball superstar Stephanie Niemer. Well deserved.

--- At The Legion of Excellence Gala four new members were inducted into the Hall of Fame last night. Among those were Olympic silver medalist David Payne, All-America point guard Steve Logan, No. 2 all-time women's scorer Valerie King and six-time All-America swimmer Honza Vitazka.

From the reports I've heard, it was quite a night. Congrats to all involved.

--- Our Voice of the Bearcats Dan Hoard is a Syracuse alum, as some of you might know. Which puts him in a bit of a precarious position on Saturday. The same could be said for Orangeman Tommy Gelehrter.

With so much intensity wrapped in the game for both, I could only hope we could get a moment of complete meltdown like we saw in the booth at FAU last weekend.

Those guys are two of the best in the business, so probably not, but a kid can hope, right?   


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