Bearcats Breakfast 10.29.10

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I'll start with what everybody wants to know. That's probably not what I watched on TV last night or my feelings on constructing the perfect Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich (extra jelly, spread evenly without overflow), rather on the status of QB Zach Collaros.

Butch Jones said on his radio show last night that Collaros will be a gametime decision. He said this week that he was hoping to make a call by Thursday, but obviously Collaros' progress has been significant enough that he wants to wait.

If he is that close, it would be hard to imagine him not getting some kind of shot, but that's speculation on my part. Knowing how competitive Collaros is, though, if he doesn't see the field in some capacity it would be a decent upset. He may not play the whole game, but he will be doing everything in his power to give it a shot.

All right, anything else going on?

--- The Bearcats have been pounding the message of creating turnovers all season, but the decibel level is rising. Here's my story about it.  

J.K. Schaffer's acrobatic interception against Oklahoma was the last time UC managed a turnover and especially with what happened against USF, it's obvious for this team to win they need to be better in that area.

Jones said two areas that are the most important for any football team are red zone efficiency and turnover margin. They are currently -7 in TO margin.

As I point out in the story, some of creating turnovers is luck. It seems like the ball almost has to start bouncing UC's way. Of 14 fumbles by opponents, the Cats ended up with only three. That percentage ranks 114th in the country.

--- Dan Hoard talked about why nobody should be concerned with a backup quarterback taking snaps. It's sort of what happens around here.

In fact, he calculated a stat saying backups are 10-0 the last three years.

--- Another point Dan brought up I wanted to touch on was the case of Vidal Hazelton. Bill Koch wrote this piece on him last week while I was gone and I never got an opportunity to touch on it.

Hazelton has been rehabbing like a madman and is hoping to be able to play against Pitt.

He tweeted yesterday that he's "got a surprise coming for Bearcats fans." He said he was running routes at full speed.

I can't imagine the lift that would be for the team, but I only wonder if its worth it. I have never had what I love to do most taken away from me, not once, but twice, in a two year period. So, I can't speak to what's important to him. But I would hate to see him jeopardize his NFL future to come back and play (possibly) one last time for UC.

But, wow, I don't think I've ever seen anybody come back from an ACL as fast as Hazelton. I was watching him a little this week and you almost can't tell he was injured.

--- Brian Bennett breaks down Cuse-Cinci with a video blog

--- Best Syracuse week headline goes to Sam Elliot and the News Record staff. And the story offers some informative nuggets as well.

--- Bearcats Sports Weekly with Tommy G is now up online.

--- I took some pictures of the new Bearcat statue outside Jefferson Avenue Sports Complex. 

--- Here's a breakdown of all the Homecoming events going on this weekend.  

--- Hard to believe this, but the first basketball exhibition is Monday. UC will host a team they played in Canada, Carleton St., one of the dominant programs north of the border.

UC beat them 87-70 on their tour earlier this year. The Bearcats are banged up, but Mick Cronin said for now it looks like everybody except for Kelvin Gaines will be able to play.

--- In some randomness...

SNL is 95 percent garbage unless they have a spectacular guest host these days, but when Arcade Fire shows up next month it will be worth watching, er, DVRing.

--- Ron Washington, the Halloween costume. Let's hope this kid doesn't take on Washington's vice's along with his uniform.

--- Agreed.

--- If you spend 11 percent of your life laughing, you are living the right way. If you watching a TV show where people spend 11 percent of the time laughing, you need to contact a therapist. 

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