Building from Scratch

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So, you think recruiting is tough? How about recruiting from scratch? How about recruiting when you don't have a team? How about building on a legacy when there's no legacy yet? That was the job facing UC Lacrosse Coach Lellie Swords when she was named the Bearcats' first-ever lacrosse coach on Feb. 16, 2007.

She came to UC from one of the top lacrosse programs in the country, Johns Hopkins, so to say she went from feast to famine wouldn't be a far-fetched analogy. But constructing a building starts with a solid foundation, so Coach Swords and her staff started that foundation with every recruit who took a chance on the vision of the program. Brick by brick, recruit by recruit, the lacrosse legacy is being constructed each season.

I bring this up now, because UC lacrosse just announced its next 10 recruits who will join the program in 2011. Included are state champions, All-State selections, first team All-Americans. Local players are joined by seniors from East Coast lacrosse powerhouses. Oh yes, and most of them are academic honor roll students as well.

Congratulations to Coach Swords and the lacrosse staff on the new recruit class. It's just the next layer of the foundation that will only mean a stronger program for years to come.


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