Fun with Isaiah Pead

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Isaiah Pead has always been a good quote. He's not afraid to say something controversial if that's what he believes.

Last year, the Columbus-native made a comment that Cincinnati would beat Ohio State that drew some understandable eyebrow raises from the folks up north.

He didn't say anything controversial on Tuesday, but did make some interesting comments about a myriad of topics.

One week after winning the Victory Bell, Pead and company will attempt to keep the Keg O'Lies (formerly known as the Keg O'Nails). One thing I never realized was the accomplishments of the junior class.

"I have never been without the keg," he said. "I haven't been without any of our trophies. Big East or rivalry. It's kind of me and my class, it's kind of big for us. As a team it is to. As a class, coming in and all of us as a team, we haven't been without it so we are not trying to start."

The Bearcats have won 12 consecutive Big East games and two consecutive wins against Pitt, five against Miami and two against Louisville make UC perfect in rivalry games the last two years.

And don't think Pead isn't aware of the run of 12 straight in conference as the new conference season begins.

"We take pride in that, play with a little chip on our shoulder," he said. "Walking around with two Big East back-to-back rings, it kind of does that to you. But yet, you've got to stay focused from our outsiders and stay as a team. Consistency. Off to the next game."


There are a number of aspects of Isaiah Pead that I love. Dan Hoard said at halftime against Miami there is no running back in the Big East he would trade for. He wants Pead.

Sure, Noel Devine, Dion Lewis, Jordan Todman, Bilal Powell, they are all good, but here is why I agree with Hoard.

I can't attest to the personalities of any of those aforementioned backs, but I love the unselfish attitude Pead exhibits. When you are a stud back in college, it's very easy to be consumed by your yards, touchdowns and everything else. While Pead is aware of his stats and does watch some of the other runners in the league, his priority falls far from a number of carries or total yardage.

"You want to see the carries and make the big run and the big plays, but yet you want to see a play action and everybody bites on you and it goes for a touchdown," Pead said."That's just as good as taking the 80-yarder to the house."

Here's more of the same from Pead as he talks about how much he keeps an eye on stats of all the great RBs across the Big East.

"You got to keep an eye on your competition. The best out of the conference. You want to be the best in your conference, but you also want to be the best team as a conference. I tend to look at the stats, I tend to maybe catch a game and criticize and pat on the butt something they did wrong, something they did right. At the same time I just want to be a champ. I just want to win games. If it comes from me getting two carries or 32 carries, I am going to do it. I am down for whatever the coach wants me to do, I am going to do it. If I have to kick the game winning field goal, I am down for it."


So, who is Pead most impressed by of all the RBs in the Big East?

"I would have to say Noel Devine," he said. "I used to watch him his freshman year when I was a senior in high school. Even before he was in college I watched his highlights. He has that edge about him. He has that cihp on his shoulder. He is fast, he knows he's fast and he uses that his advantage. I've always kind of liked his style, his swagger so to say."

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