Ink of the Week: Chris Williams

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Each week throughout football season I will feature a tattoo of a UC football player. Everybody has ink these days and these tatts obviously mean something to the guys. They spend plenty of hours and energy coming up with the perfect concept. They should be given the opportunity to show them off.

What better way to get to know the Bearcats players you cheer on every weekend than to hear about things most important to them.

This week I caught up with former Winton Woods star Chris Williams, who made his first career start against Oklahoma at strong safety.

Williams' tattoo experience deviates slightly from the typical stories. Most of the guys on the team with tattoos have significant reasons for them. Whether it be a deceased familiy member, representing their hometown or an important moment in their life. Not Williams. He has his own reasons for tattoos. Like Shark Week.

Yeah, let's start with that one.

Williams1.jpgWhat: A shark

Where: Left arm, near elbow

When: This was the first tattoo Williams got after he graduated Winton Woods. He admittedly went crazy once he turned 18 and has been under the needle a total of 12 times -- most of which happened during his senior year.

Williams on the tattoo: "Everybody has to get tattoos because they mean something," Williams said. "I just wanted to get something that I like. Why not? I like Shark Week. So I got it for Shark Week. I couldn't go to the ocean, I couldn't go to an aquarium, so I decided to get a shark tattoo."




The theme of random tattoos continues as you make your way around Williams' artwork. Especially this one:


What: Ms. Pacman

 Where: Right forearm

When: This was one of the tattoos Williams got during his wild senior year of ink. He also had an ATI near it, which stand for Addicted to Ink. He has stars on his elbows and a tattoo for his father further up his right arm.

Williams on the tattoo: "Got Ms. Pac-Man when I was 18. The week I turned 18, the first week of basketball seaosn I got this done. I ended up getting Mr. Pacman afterward -- Ms. Pacman and Mr. Pacman. You got to have both." 




Williams' theory on tattoos all originates with one of the first ones he ever got done. Clearly, Williams is a joker. So, this one makes perfect sense.

Williams2.jpgWhat: A joker, with a finger pointing out with the inscription, "Joke's on you" at the bottom

Where: Left forearm

When: First tattoo he got once he turned 18.

Williams on the tattoo: "In high school everybody said I was the big jokester so, I got a clown. He is pointing a finger, so I asked if he could throw joke's on you at the bottom since he's pointing the finger."

What's next?: "I am about to get Elmer Fuud next. When I played in the Big 33 last year, everybody was uptight in the game. I said you got to start interacting with people. So I would just see somebody and since I was a funny guy...there's a kid that goes to West Virginia, I used to call him Triple-X because he looks like Vin Diesel from that movie XXX. I started to give everybody nicknames. Somebody said, what's your nickname? I said Elmer Fudd, which was in my favorite rap song. They said, 'You look like Elmer Fudd.'"

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