Ink of the Week: Isaiah Pead

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Each week throughout football season I will feature a tattoo of a UC football player. Everybody has ink these days and these tatts obviously mean something to the guys. They spend plenty of hours and energy coming up with the perfect concept. They should be given the opportunity to show them off.

What better way to get to know the Bearcats players you cheer on every weekend than to hear about things most important to them.

This week I caught up with running back Isaiah Pead, who currently leads the nation in yards per carry by a running back with 7.7 per touch.

Pead has quite a bit of ink. He doesn't know what the next one he picks will be and takes the thought behind each one very seriously...unlike some others.

Among those that I didn't take pictures of are the first tattoo he got when the Columbus-native first arrived at UC his freshman season.

It's of a lion and on above the lion in script reads, " Fight of a Lion," with "Pride of a King," below it.

"The lion is the king of the jungle and I got big pride," Pead said.

On his left bicep he owns a cross with a ribbon wrapping around it three times. The three words inscribed on the ribbons are Loyalty, Pride and Respect.

"Those are the three main aspects in life I feel are most important," Pead said.

Above the cross reads, "Yesterday is gone...Tomorrow is never promised...Today is all I have."

Pead also inked up a shine going into the cross with a bible verse on it.

However, I have shots of two different tattoos.

Let's start with this one


What: Picture of a football exploding out of a star

Where: Left bicep 

Significance: Through the smoke coming off the explosion of the star reads "A Star was Born,"  with his birthday: 12-14-89 at the top.

A tail trails the expolosion that reads: WWJD





And then last, but most definitely not least, this gem...


What: "Momma's Boy"

Where: Inside right bicep

Significance: "I am a big momma's boy. I didnt' really think of getting a momma's boy tat, I was going to get her name somewhere."




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