Make My Funk The Pead Funk!

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Isaiah Pead left a funky odor on the uniform of the Miami Redhawks this past Saturday and it was sweat and cleat marks. 197 yards on 10 carries set the tone for the beat down that occurred this past weekend. Pead was funky indeed but so was the rest of the offense and defense; they were supposed to beat Miami handily and they did; The were supposed to make a statement after the Oklahoma loss and they did; and they were supposed to give the fans a reason to believe and they did that too. They also showed respect by taking the starters out and it was critical for Coach Butch Jones to see who he could count on should there be an injury to a  starter as the Big East season begins.

One guy that is game ready is Pead; 402 yards on 41 carries this season is insane, nearly a first down a touch! Give the offensive linemen credit and one thing is for sure, the defensive coordinators in the league will have their work cut out for them because when this young man gets going he gets in a rhythm that is hard to explain. Kind of like a funky rhythm, George Clinton and Bootsy Collins style. The kind you never get tired of...So make my funk the Pead Funk and as James Brown said "Make it Funky". Football runners love to get in a rhythm and that comes with carrying the ball again and again. And when you look at the lineage of runners that have come through this University, you have no doubt that Isaiah will be the next one to leave his mark in Clifton. 

So I'm going to get the funk out of here and watch a documentary on George Clinton and the Parliment Funkadelic story and while I'm rockin' my head back and forth, I'll be imaging a Re-Pead performance from Isaiah and the UC offense. It's Big East Time and the 'Ville, as in Louisville awaits. They know UC is coming and the question is can they stop the 'Cats? More specifically their running game. It's coming down 71 South this Friday night with no intentions of letting up, so let the music play and keep running away!

Thats the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat

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