The Campaign Begins

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Now that my heart rate has returned to normal following the Bearcats' scintillating win over Louisville, do you know what I find myself thinking about?


Collaros for Heisman.




Not this year of course.  The Bearcats' slow start doomed any remote chance that Zach might have had of even being considered.


But think about 2011.


For Zach to have a prayer of winning the Heisman, four things would have to happen.


  1. Monster Stats.  In 2011, Zach will be a 5th year senior with a year's worth of experience in Butch Jones' quarterback-friendly offense.  This year, despite early-season struggles on the offensive line and the loss of one of his best weapons in Vidal Hazelton, Collaros ranks 7th in the country with 17 touchdown passes and 10th in QB rating.  For his career, Zach has 27 TD passes and only 5 interceptions.  While he'll lose a great target in Armon Binns, I'm hearing the Kenbrell Thompkins is the next outstanding Bearcat receiver.  If Zach is healthy, his numbers should be eye-popping.


  1. Must See TV.  Big East candidates for Heisman face skeptical voters in much of the country, so it helps to have a breakout performance (or two) on national TV - preferably early in the season.  The Bearcats have a road game at Tennessee and a home game against NC State early next year, so the opportunities will be there.


  1. Highly-Ranked Team.  When the Bearcats climbed into the Top 10 last year, Tony Pike started to appear on Heisman watch lists.  If he hadn't been injured, Pike almost certainly would have earned the highest Heisman finish in UC history (as it turned out, Mardy Gilyard finished 9th).  Cincinnati would need to have another near-perfect season for Zach to have a shot.  With Collaros, Isaiah Pead, and D.J. Woods back on offense and everybody back on defense, the Bearcats should be formidable next season.


  1. A Little Help.  This year's leading Heisman candidates include Denard Robinson, Kellen Moore, LaMichael James, Terrelle Pryor, Andrew Luck, and Cameron Newton.  Do you know what they all have in common?  There's not a single senior in the group.  For Zach to have a legitimate shot, several favorites would have to go pro early and others would either have to perform below expectations or get injured.  But it seems to me that the presumptive favorite for the Heisman rarely wins.  Last year, Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, and Colt McCoy were at the top of the list to begin the season and the trophy went to Mark Ingram.     


Why am I thinking about this midway through the 2010 season?  I honestly have no idea.


But when Zach is invited to the Best Buy Theater in Times Square in December of 2011, just remember that you heard it here first.


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Enjoy this week's photo of the handsome lad, enjoying the fall foliage.


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