The Re-Mix

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OK the second season of 2010 is now underway after the Bye week and 2 things are clear. The first half of the season is over and the Oklahoma game raised the bar on the performance of this team going into the Big East conference.

We will see what effects it had when Miami comes to town this weekend and expect UC to be solid in all 3 phases of their game. Young players have now been exposed to major college competition; healthy players have healed and veterans have proven they can lead. The challenge is simple: do it for the rest of the year all the while cutting down on self inflicted mistakes.

The makings of a winner start internally and this was a time the troops had to rally around each other and recommit to the Cattitude that the country was learning to respect. With respect, accountability, bragging rights and Big East creditability on their shoulders, it won't be easy but the reality is its very doable.

So starting this Saturday, we should see the UC team that made Oklahoma sweat to death, minus the mistakes. If that happens victory, and the bell ring loud on campus. From there it's just a building block to take into the next game. UC football is at a crossroad with respect. Was it the wonder years with Brian Kelly that made people think it was his magic wand that produced the type of firepower, excitement and buckle down in the fourth quarter defense UC was getting noticed for? Or is this Bearcat Football, tried and true?

That's what I love about the remix; you get a little old and a little new. How the DJ spins it determines the outcome of the party. I think you're gonna' love this mix; I'm ready to dance myself!

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat...  


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Why do you think a 2010 CMAC Player of the Year, like me, was not offered a scholarship with the right ACT scores? I'm currently a Freshman at U.C. Thank you.