Bearcats Breakfast 11.03.10

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I hope everybody went out an voted yesterday, if anything, now you have a right to complain about the guy or gal who will undeniably lie, cheat and steal over the next two years.

But, that type of cynicism represents why I write sports instead of news.

Let's talk sports....

--- The big news from yesterday was the Big East announcement that they will expand to 10 teams for football. Across the board most people believe this to be a good move for the confernece. I'd concur.

Anything they can do procatively to avoid being plucked into oblivion had to happen.

Here's Brian Bennett talking about the decision.

Now, if they can grab TCU it brings a piece of the Texas market along with an instantly credible program. BB also ranks the list of possible candidates.

For TCU, joining the Big East may be the only way to keep Gary Patterson there -- and even that is not sure thing. If they lose him, the program could cycle back like so many Big East teams we have seen of late. U of L, WVU and even the turn UC has taken this season. It's inevitable with regime change and college football runs in cycles like that.

Even with that said, the Horned Frogs should still be the front runner because of the market they offer.

--- Brian Grummell at FanHouse joins the fun game of speculating who the two schools will be and reminds everyone there is still a chance the league will get poached by the Big Ten soon.

--- Matt Hinton at Rivals ranks the candidates as well.

--- The expansion in football would only further the headache for basketball scheduling which is already like putting together a series of 16 Rubik's Cubes. Jim Calhoun believes there is still more change to come.

--- Matt Hayes at the Sporting News promotes the league moving to 12 instead of 10.

--- The Bearcats are finally going to play Ohio the Mascot challenge. Still, after Brutus was given an Octagon-style beatdown by my Bobcat, there is no way that guy should advance. Go here to vote for the Bearcat.

--- Butch Jones answers questions in this mailbag.  

--- Rush the Court isn't messing around and already has its 2011 NCAA tournament bracket up. UC is not in it, so, you might as well not play the season, right?

--- Plenty of love for Villanova right now -- and rightfully so. When your top returner poured in 100 points during a summer league game, your expectations will be high.

--- Herb Pope deserves a standing ovation when Seton Hall comes here this season.

--- I hope you all caught my morning after notebook from UC-Carleton. If not, than you are really hurting my feelings if you don't click this link.  

--- In some randomness....

The hard-hitting journalism in Parma found a boy who was given a detention for, uh, not being able to contain his inner gasses. If looking for whose to blame, I'm pretty sure the he and his dad have stunk up the living room many a night.

--- Do you like Fails? How about 8:39 of them in a row. Yeah, tell your boss you'll be late for that meeting about a meeting. 

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