Bearcats Breakfast 11.05.10

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Bye week with no football availability means very little football fodder on the interwebs, so the Breakfast has been a little slim this week.

But, fear not, it will be back to form once UC opens the doors again next week.

Let's eat, anyway...

--- I used the opportunity to get caught up on basketball. The latest story was Mick Cronin talking about the rotation this year -- in particular the depth he plans on utilizing.

The return of the full-court press with a deep bench sounds like a return to the old days. Cronin just hopes it will be a return to the old days in results as well.

--- Much of the conversation around the Cats has been about the renewed committment to being a team. The ultimate team player himself Scott Springer wrote about the new theme.

--- Bearcats Blog had an email conversation with The Voice, Dan Hoard, on Wednesday, I meant to post it yesterday, but forgot. It's pretty good stuff, as usual, from DH.

He wasn't at the exhibition game, Tommy G and Chuck took care of the internet broadcast instead. They apparently broke out some Canadian trivia, which is almost as good as having Dan in the house, but not quite.

Did you know the first province discovered in Canada was New Foundland? You would if you listened on Monday.

--- DH putting in work this week with a great story about WR Kenbrell Thompkins. KT being ruled ineligible was a huge blow for the team this year, particularly once Vidal Hazelton went down.

But, as Dan points out, it looks like he's the real deal and will be the perfect complement to DJ Woods next season.

---- Tim Adams at BearcatLair writes about the development of Dion Dixon. To me, this could be the storyline of the season. If Dixon develops into a double-digit  scorer for UC, it could be the offense they need to complement Yancy Gates and penetration ability of Cashmere Wright.

--- Tom DeTemple let out his inner Mark May with some hard-hitting journalism. He interviewed some players about the new Bearcats statue I showed you last week.

In one word, Isaiah Pead described it as "Beasty." Technically, not a word, but the highlight of this video.

--- Have a question about expansion, Brian Bennett has probably heard it. Here's his all expansion mailbag.

--- I used to want someone to teach me how to Dougie. After seeing Herb Sendek make this attempt, I officially know its too late. It's dead.   

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