Bearcats Breakfast 11.11.10

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Tomorrow at this time I will be writing this blog while on the bus ride to Morgantown. Well, sort of, we'll actually be staying in Washington, Pa. Which as far as I can tell contains a Holiday Inn, Casino & Racetrack and a TGIFriday's. Jack Daniel's Grill it is, I guess.

The trip should be fun, of course, most of that's depending upon the outcome of Saturday's game against WVU. The majority of the country isn't giving the Bearcats much of a chance. For recreational use only lines have the Cats as 6-point underdogs.

The good news: It appears Zach Collaros will definitely be the starter. Butch Jones said as much after practice on Wednesday.

Chazz Anderson did the best he could in relief, but there's few QBs in the country that could duplicate what Collaros has done this season. He makes this offense go with both his experience, skill and leadership.

Plus, he's apparently riding a hot hand after taking down video game maven Vidal Hazelton in Madden last night.

Let's eat...

--- And on the 7th day God gave a game time for UC-Rutgers.

It took longer than everyone involved would have liked but we now know UC will host Rutgers on Nov. 20 at 7:30 p.m. That also means the UC hoops game against IPFW will be at 1 p.m. at Fifth Third.

Should be a busy day on campus. I will be doing the double dip. I recommend you do as well. In fact, if you've got a great tailgate cookout you're doing in between, let me know, I will happily give you all the inside information I have about UC athletics (minimal) for as much food off your buffett as I can stomach (significant).

If that sounds like a fair trade off, let's talk about it.

--- Bearcats Blog offers up a conversation with WVU blogger from Eye and Eer. It's a good look into what to expect from WVU on Saturday.

--- WVU and UC actually have two big games this weekend, the first comes tonight between Pitt and UConn. Those two teams -- along with the rest of the middling Big East pack --- need UConn to win and knock Pitt back in the standings.

A UConn win would put much more significance on Saturday's game since both WVU and UC still have a game with Pitt left and could flip into first place by winning that.

--- Our man Brian Bennett previews Pitt-UConn.

--- He also dropped the power rankings with UC No. 7. Of course, as fluid as these have been all year, a win over WVU probably moves them up to second or third.

--- Bill Koch talks about why the Bearcats haven't been practicing as much at their new practice facility.

--- The Charleston Daily-Mail talks more about Butch Jones return to Morgantown.

--- Brian Grummell of FanHouse talks Big East parity.  

---  Tom Gelehrter, the hardest working man in Bearcats new media, premiered Bearcats Basketball 2010 last night. You can watch it right here as the players and Mick Cronin preview the season.

--- If you're a hoops head, you probably already know Pat Forde's Minutes are a great read. His first of the season debuted. It doesn't mention Cincinnati, but plenty of topics that will affect the Bearcats.

--- OK, how about some randomness...

--- The Tuberous Bushcricket would go for it on fourth-and-2 every time.

--- From the moment I saw the one-letter solve on Wheel Of Fortune, I assumed she cheated. I was wrong. Apparently, she's just really friggin good at WOF.

--- Rex Ryan dressed up like his brother, Rob. How can you not love this guy? I'm sure right after he went and ate a GD snack. (NSFW)  

--- I've been to Huntsville, Ala., that's about right.

--- Finally, a special thanks to all veterans who have served. Now go have lunch on me.

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