Bearcats Breakfast 11.16.10

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I'm heading over to the Tuesday media luncheon for football this morning, so expect some more football news and notes this afternoon in regards to the Rutgers game on Saturday.

I know the ticket to the game doesn't feel as valuable as it did when you first bought it, but only let me say this, if ever these guys could use some support from the home crownd its now. Sure, it's easy to show up and fill the stadium when the latest win on the road to a perfect season is imminent. It's also easy for the players to run, jump and break tackles all day.

But when the season swoons as it has for UC during the current three-game losing streak, that's when the guys need a lift. You could make a strong argument, in a game like this the fans could have a greater impact than any of the great games seen at Nippert the past few years.

Nobody is telling you what to do with your Saturday night -- and most of my readership is so die-hard, I'm sure you plan on being there regardless -- but this would be an opportunity to help this team work its way out of the hole it currently resides in.

Enough soapbox, let's eat...

--- Scott Springer brings you your Rutgers game preview and assess the fact the Big East has flipped  upside down with some fine footwork from the UC bookstore.

--- Wayne "Box" Miller shows some fire in addressing the football team and it current woes. I like my Miller fiery.

--- Brian Bennett's Week 11 review/Week 12 preview includes  an odd moment the WVU players talked about before the game involving D.J. Woods. I'd file it under "don't poke the bear."

--- Yesterday Butch Jones addressed a situation I wasn't aware of during the game. Towards the end I was busy writing and getting prepared for postgame when apparently Zach Collaros and Jones were seen on the sidelines with Zach unloading some frustration in his direction. It was all caught by the cameras.

Jones said Monday there was not an exchange between the two but rather one player venting over a route run incorrectly that cause him to get hit waiting for the receiver.

Bill Koch has it in his blog.

--- UC hoops received its fifth Letter of Intent for next year's signing class on Monday, it came from combo-guard Jeremiah Davis. Here's some of his background from his hometown paper.

This year he moved on to Huntington (WV) Prep -- where O.J. Mayo went to for his senior season -- in order to better prepare for college.

He's been hotly recruited for a while, and Billy Gillespie even offered him a scholarship as a sophomore in 2008. Some of the bigger names faded away since then, but he said he was considering Oklahoma State, Indiana, Michigan State and Ball State at the final stages.

It's nice get for UC, who can always use somebody who can fill it up.

Now, priority No. 1 moves to finding a big man. They have one spot left and they badly need a power on the block to fill in for Yancy Gates and Ibrahima Thomas once they leave.

--- Check out all the other tidbits from last night's basketball game in The Morning After, which will be posted on the site by 11:30.

--- How about some randomness....  

--- Seeing the end zones at Wrigley Field for the Illinois-Northwestern tilt there makes me wonder why we are forcing this? 

Padded walls or not, that can't be safe.

--- Supporting the team does not mean running onto the field like a moron with no shirt on and getting pummelled by security. Supporting the viral video industry on the other hand calls  for exactly that.

--- Why does this stuff always happen in Florida

--- If there is so much heat on you that you need to buy a bulletproof car, perhaps you need to change more about your lifestyle than just your whip.

--- What a great holiday. And even better PSA. The only problem is everybody knows what happens the other 364 days of the year.

--- You know your dance move has hit the big time when the Wall Street Journal writes about it.

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