Bearcats Breakfast 11.17.10

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A no nonsense Breakfast today since I have nothing witty to say, so we get right to the links...

--- Butch Jones spoke yesterday a little bit about the direction of the program and recruiting. Maybe the most noteworth comment came when talking about deliving into the junior college ranks. Over the years, JuCo has hardly been a winning proposition. Not many from there pan out, but it shows the immediacy with which Jones needs to address the depth situation.

He was talking about the need to add competition at spots in order to make everyone better. The need for depth, paticularly in the secondary and at linebacker can't be fixed by high school kids. They need athletes that are physically ready to step in and compete right now.

"We'll look to supplement our roster with junior college players but we're not making an all-out philosophical change in terms of how many junior college players we bring in," Jones said. "It'll be very minimal."

Every once in a while JuCo players do work out, but many of the best ones are already committed to a Division I school that has its hands on his development.

--- Jones also touched on the fact that the poor season hasn't affected the recruiting negatively. In fact, the response has been positive. High school kids all of a sudden see an opening to come in and contribute immeditately. Instant gratification sells with 17-year-olds.

"There are players out there that respect what our program is all about, have great relationshps with our coaches, love the city of Cincinnati, understand our academic reputations, they understand, hey, this is a program where I may have a chance to step in and play right away.

"We had a number of recruits in attendance the past couple weeks who said, 'Hey, I'm excited, when can I visit?' Because they see there is a great opportuntiy for me to play early and come in and compete. It's about how you present itself. It's been very postiitve, the recutitment of this year's class."

--- Jones compared what's going on at UC to the same things happening at Florida and Texas this year. I pointed out the Texas connection in my By the Numbers from Monday of how BCS bowl teams have done the following season over the past five years.

Florida has played better than Texas (4-6), but only marginally for the Gators (6-4).

"It's the same thing the University of Florida is going through. It's the same thing the University of Texas is going through. If you look at coach Meyer's press conference yesterday it's the exact same things they are struggling with there we are struggling with here. Turnovers, red zone efficiency, young players, maturity and energy level."

Here's some of what Meyer had to say at the USA Today college blog.  

--- If you want to listen to the entire press conference, you can do so here.

--- Rutgers will be showing plenty of Wildcat formations this weekend. It's about the only that has moderately worked for the last ranked offensive team in the Big East.

--- I've been meaning to write a story on former UC soccer player Omar Cummings, who has been killing it with the Colorado Rapids who are making a run at the MLS title behind his offensive lead.

Soccer America took the lead -- here it is.  

I can guarantee Omar would not do this. #SoccerFail

--- Basketball hosts IPFW on Saturday. Everyone is expecting the Bearcats to roll over the juggernaut that is Mastadons basketball. Xavier allowed a bit of caution in that train of thought Monday, however, as IPFW pushed them to overtime before the Musketeers won by 10.

--- The Steve Lavin era off to a slow start at St. John's. They are another one of those programs that UC should be in direct comptetition with for some of the NCAA spots in the middle of the Big East pack. I'm pretty shocked they lost their opener to St. Mary's.      

--- In the same bucket as St. John's is Louisville, dealing with a host of losses. They didn't look affected last night as they dominated Butler.

--- For the multitude of college hoops teams that couldn't knock down free throws yesterday, I suggest they enlist the greatest Pop-a-Shot player ever to  come in for a tryout.

The young Asian prodigy's got skills. Far and away my favorite part of the video is the guy waiting to go next, stretch and limbering up, unfazed, like he's about to smoke her.

Not even a high-5 for that? C'mon, buddy.


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