Bearcats Breakfast 11.30.10

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Big Bearcats fodder day today. We've got the BBQ bonanza known as the Tuesday media luncheon. This will be the final press conference of the season. Sad for you readers, good for my diet.

Then we have a basketball availability at 3 p.m. where we can do some more reconstruction of Dayton and look forward to the Wright State game on Wednesday night.

If you have any questions you'd like me to ask Mick, Butch, a player or anybody else that works inside the Varsity Village, shoot me an email (

Let's eat....

--- The big news about TCU broke as I was writing the Breakfast yesterday. Tons of thoughts and analysis have come out since then.

The most interesting comments I heard came from Scott Van Pelt on his radio show. His point was, is the Big East being short-sighted?

This is great for TCU, they are an 8,000 student private university that -- until the past few years -- was relatively irrelevant on the college football scene (sans LaDanian Tomlinson).

Now, they are seen as the key piece to the Big East resurgence. Is TCU's football success sustainable or are they a flash in the pan?

The Big East latches on to TCU and what if Gary Patterson takes off for an opening at Michigan or in the SEC? Then you are stuck with a small school that may or may not be able to keep up with the big boys.

I think TCU's success is sustainable, particularly with the BCS conference recruiting chip now at their disposal. Plus, they spend more on football -- $20 mil -- than any program in the BE. That should be enough.

But it is much riskier than we probably thought on the surface.

--- TCU decided to bolt as much because of the pull of the Big East as the disappointment of the Mountain West.

And how about Boise State? They decide to make the jump to the MWC. They show up, look around and....where did everybody go?

--- Dan Wetzel, Mr. BCS knowledge, believes this is a win-win for both. He points toward the Horned Frogs current position as No. 3 in the BCS. Once again, you can't get caught up in current standings. But I see his point.

--- Bill Koch does an excellent job capturing the UC perspective of the move. Remember, UC was in CUSA with TCU only five years ago. Mike Thomas likes how it brought in value, stability and security. Without a doubt this helps take away the chance of being picked apart by the Big Ten. In this current crazy world of college athletics, it could happen. Anything can.

But this provides a safety net.

--- David Steele at Fanhouse has a nice piece on the ACC and Big East -- basketball powerhouses -- being squished by the football expansion steamroller.

TCU basketball...yeah, this is going to be fun.  

--- Dave Wannstedt says he's more concerned about the Bearcats than his job. We said it before the season and say it again now -- it was all on him this year. He had the talent and the guy who has never won anything as a head coach needed to win something this year.

He most likely won't.

The Pitt job could warrant some bigtime candidates and the inability to turn the significant talent he recruited into championships should be enough to let him go.

--- Scott Springer talks about all the seniors who will be playing in their last game and previews the River City Rivalry.

--- This type of stuff happens all the time but rarely gets publicity. Here's some footage of some Cats football players helping out in the community on Thanksgiving.  

--- The basketball team is officially "Also Receiving Votes."

UC earned three votes in the latest AP Top 25 poll. For whatever that's worth. Last year UC broke into the Top 25 at this point and that season didn't turn out how the team would have liked.

The real breakthrough will be a three- or four-game Big East win streak.

--- Bad news for Jeremy Hazell, good news for UC. It looks like Seton Hall's leading scorer is still six weeks away from recovery from that broken wrist. Initially, it was thought he could be back for the NYE game at FIfth Third Arena. Not going to happen on the current timetable.

--- I mentioned this yesterday and Jeff Goodman points it out at FoxSports. The Big East is killing it.       

Something Mick Cronin was talking about with Zach Wells on Sports Authority sticks out to me here. People were hating on the Big East preseason because the lack of star power. They forget -- the Big East creates stars.

These are the top recuits in the country in one of the top two strongest basketball conferences. They develop into stars. That's why the Big East is running through the competition. It's a talent-level and coaching-level thing.

Cronin was referencing his own team. People say he doesn't have any stars, but stars are developed. If UC is 12-0 entering Big East play and starts out strong in conference, Dion Dixon, Cashmere Wright and Yancy Gates will be household names. They will be stars.

That's what happens in the Big East. It's a matter of opportunity.  

--- Randomness time...

--- If I would ever own a chihuahua, I would prefer it only had two legs. Then I could but it one of those little back leg wheelbarrows.

--- Not sure what I love more about his video, the anticipation of seeing the zamboni bearing down on the two broadcasters or the professionalism of continuing through the talking points while nearly being impaled and pinning your co-worker into the boards.   .

--- Love Sports Pickle: Headline -- Pat Riley adopts baby for Erik Spoelstra to go spend time with

 --- If the Bulls are on TV, I will watch. Derrick Rose is the most exciting young player in the NBA. Just ask Tyreke Evans.

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