Homecoming Back To Reality

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This could be the homecoming that brings UC Football back to reality, back to earth. The somewhat embarrassing loss to Syracuse brought several things to light and only a fortune teller can predict what's next.

What was disappointing to start was the heads pointing south, not north on the UC sidelines. UC football teams of the last few years never worried about the score or how far behind they were going into the fourth quarter. They allowed us to believe that no mountain was unscalable, no score insurmountable. The team I saw, showed me otherwise on Saturday and I'll say for now it was an aberration.

Secondly the fan base that booed and ultimately left prior to the conclusion of the game showed how spoiled they have become in such a short period of time. Wasn't it just around 5 years ago that this stadium was devoid of a winner? this football team was an after thought? and now that Mark Dantonio, Brian Kelly and now Butch Jones have brought this team back to a level of respectability, their reward is for us to boo and run? 

Don't get me wrong I wasn't happy with their performance either but I had to remind myself: Chazz Anderson was playing in his first real game this season; so did you expect him to play as if he had 20 starts under his belt? D J Woods has apparently been battling the fumble bug and hasn't shaken it yet, so once again he has to look inside himself to find the cure. I say watch film of Tiki Barber before and after the same challenge he had. It is fixable; and finally and very easy to overlook is the youth of this defense. They have underclassmen across the board in every down and distance situation and like the teams we rolled over because of youth and inexperience over the past few years, there is a cost to replenishing starters.

With that being said I know some are saying so what; you have the right to say that and I grant you your opinion. But you also have an obligation to stay and give them a visual vote of confidence by sticking it out. Like you did last year's team; and the team the year before and you'll find out that when kids look up in the stands and see people there until the very end, they know those fans are really behind them and not there because it's fashionable. 

So here's the reality; this team may not go to a BCS game and a bowl game that sounds sexy but there still your team...aren't they? If they are, finish the game strong as a fan and trust me I believe the coaches are telling them to finish strong as a team. If we both do that then we'll find out just how good we both are. If this becomes a consistently tough place to play, advantage our kids; if not advantage visiting team. That won't be the fault of UC football, it will be the fault of the fans. So lets see who we are for the rest of the season; winners who stick it out and cheer until the very end or losers who hit the exits at the first sign of fourth quarter adversity. Being a fan isn't easy, especially when winning makes you complacent. Lets get use to being real fans regardless of the outcome; the kids came here based on how you acted when they were being recruited not how some of you are acting now.

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat

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I was at the homecoming game. I booed. I booed Butch Jones playcalling and decisions, not the players. I'm listening to the West Virginia game on the radio now. There are way too many mistakes. 2 dropped passes in a row, when the team is already down 28. Should fans just sit and support what is going on right now? This is painful to endure. If the team/coach want butts in the seats, something needs to be worked on. How do you go from 12-1 to not making a bowl game the next year? Another team that had a similar drop-off was Louisville.