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Well the hard thud you just heard was people jumping off the UC football bandwagon and the Butch Jones bandwagon too. Few thought UC had a chance of beating West Virginia in Morgantown but I think everyone just wants to see this team compete game in and game out. I use the Oklahoma game as exhibit a; they loss BUT they competed less a few plays and player lapses. Now comes the Mountaineers game and we're asking ourselves why aren't they playing hard and seemingly going full throttle? 

I can't answer those questions directly but I know one thing to be true; if UC doesn't come out fired up and ready to pounce on Rutgers this week, they will lose all the momentum Mark Dantonio and Brian Kelly created because this town is composed of bandwagon fans. They will start thinking UC basketball and high school sports. The Bengals are history this season for the most part and baseball season, minus Reds Fest, is next year. I want to see what coach Jones can create in the form of a rebirth of this team and I want to see what these players are made of with respect to having short term memory loss putting the last game behind them. It's up to the football program to get the respect of the fans back. It's up to the fans to give them another chance. 

UC football, the day of reckoning his here come Saturday. You have to make a statement about yourself and whether you're worthy of fans, even the bandwagon variety. The true fans will stay but the problem is there aren't as many of them as you think. Whether we agree or not with the philosophy of I'm on board as long as you're winning is irrelevant. The important fact is none of the players and coaches should be contributing to that belief or buying in. Internal demise will show outwardly and its toxic to boot.

Somebody will be wearing Bearcat uniforms this weekend; The question is who? Winners fill in the blank.

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat

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