Senior Moment

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OK the season is coming to a sad end with no Bowl in sight...lets move on and focus on the Pitt Panthers. The seniors from this football team had a great run minus this season. Big East titles, Orange and Sugar Bowl appearances and they helped to restore credibility and respect to this program. So how will you honor them? Hopefully by showing up this Saturday and paying homage to them for giving you reason to be UC proud again.

There's no question this is a season many of you want to forget but note this season as a bump in the road because this team will be better next year. They will have returning players, a recruiting class to add to the depth of this program and the hunger for payback after this year's rough and tumble results.

But lets get back to these seniors who came here when they had options; when they could have said what has UC done football wise? Or I'll go to an established college power regardless of the number of players at my desired position. Instead, they came here and won; and won consistently and raised the profile of the school as evidence by their appearance on ABC primetime and ESPN primetime. Yes this senior class has much to be proud of and when they look back on their time at UC it will be fond memories and lots of camaraderie.

What I don't want is for them to look back and see empty seats on their last game and wonder where all the people were who claimed they were fans. Remember these players can still influence younger players in their hometown to follow them here and one of the selling points can be: "The fans showed us love, even in our last but not so successful year". As the argument goes: look at the total body of work and then respond accordingly.

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat.

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