11 Reasons To Come Back Home

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So many of us have convinced ourselves that UC basketball is a thing of the past and after this year's disappointing football season we have started wishing on a star. Well while your head was skyward, UC basketball has reeled off 11 wins in a row including a always scary Miami of Ohio and Coach Charlie Coles.

Now I know, like you the majority of these teams were scheduled to win and beef up the record but they are beating them like they're supposed to and some teams who scheduled the "cupcakes" ended up losing to them so give respect to the process. Duke does the exact same thing for those ready to offer elite team comparisons. The bottom line is they're undefeated and they deserve some support from students and alumni.

We will find out how much fools gold we have but I have a feeling this team is pretty good; notice I didn't say great, which is THE most overused word in the sports dictionary as it now relates to one play or one season versus a lifetime of work. But when you are 11-0 and have beaten who you are supposed to by the margin you're supposed to I have to acknowledge that. Maybe you can acknowledge them by going to a game when time permits. I mean for what one Bengal ticket cost, you can have a family affair at a UC basketball game and be indoors where it's warm.

I can't make you go to a game and I can't make UC's schedule for them, but if I did I would leave it the way it is until they're ready to have a schedule like Kentucky's whose comes equipped with NBA in waiting players touring and passing time.

So check out a game, get to know some names and faces on this team and when they turn the corner you can say I know; I've been coming for a minute. And that's better than not at all. I always say these kids want to believe you care about them like you did when they were hot shot recruits. Where you faking then when you said we got your back? I wasn't and that's why I'm writing you with 11 reasons to come back home...to the shoe.

Now if they can just change the name to the Big O-Rena in honor of Oscar Robertson...that's for another day

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat.

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