Bearcats Breakfast 12.01.10

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Today is a special day. No, not because UC hosts Wright State for the first time since 2001. And, no, not because Friday Night Lights returns to schedule after a week off. (Though, that is what will get me through this day)

Today is special because it's Dec. 1, which in my world, is the beginning of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Month.

A good friend started me on this theory a few years back and I've lived by it ever since. It would be so easy to watch that movie every day. It's one of the funniest ever made. (That it is Edward, that it is) Instead, to keep it special, I only allow myself to watch it during the month of December. By doing so, it turns today into a de facto Christmas Vacation holiday.

"Falls down a well, eyes go crossed. Gets kicked in the head by a mule, eyes go uncrossed. I don't know." 

So, to you and yours, Happy Christmas Vacation Day, Merry Christmas, Sh*#$r was full.


On that note, Breakfast time...

--- I wrote last night about the UC early wins not overwhelming the team with confidence this year. I honestly went to UC's media availabiltiy expecting to write about how the team had its chest popped out a little more, was really feeling the confidence of the big win against Dayton and like they proved some of the critics wrong.

I didn't find that at all. I found a team that hasn't changed a bit. Sure, there's a confidence that comes from beating UD by 34, but their eyes are so focused on Big East play, they don't feel like they've done much of anything yet.

--- Chad Brendel wrote about leadership keying the Bearcats 5-0 start, particularly that of Rashad Bishop and Darnell Wilks.

Mick Cronin invented a word that Dan Hoard was particularly impressed with during the radio show last night, "cheerleadership."

Being a leader isn't being rah-rah and waving the towel. It's about always doing the right things and leading by example. Couldn't agree more.

--- Senior N'Gai Evans is a key to Wright State's attack. He's one of three senior guards. Evans is coming off a sprained knee ligament injury.

He's just now starting to get back into shape, according to Kyle Nagel of the DDN. 

--- Cronin's primary concerns about Wright State were those three senior guards and Wright State being top 10 in the country in turnover margin.

UC should be able to own the boards on the inside. If they can force jumpers as they did against Dayton it should be a long night for Wright State.

--- Another big win for the Big East last night -- even though Missouri choked up the lead against Georgetown. The Hoyas added to wins at ODU and over NC State by topping the 8th-ranked Tigers in OT.

I included part of this quote in my story last night (which I unfortunately forgot to mention Pitt winning the preseason NIT), but Cronin talked a little more at length about the conference emerging in what was supposed to be a down year.

"We got enough older guys that it's not a surprise to them. They knew it was going to happen. It happens every year. Every year there is somebody that tries to say there's a better conference than the Big East. Every year the Big East has the best conference. We just have too many good teams that are committed to basketball. Too many good coaches too many good players. I think where the analysts miss things, they always want to talk about new players and freshman and stars, what they don't' realize is there's guys on the bench in the Big East that when they get their time are going to turn into good players and eventual stars. Whether it is Scoop Jardine at Syracuse or for us like Dion Dixon -- guys that are learning their role and earning their stripes so to speak. There is too many of the returning players in the Big East are underestimated. They were younger and now they are coming into their own."


--- Moving on to football, Pitt is apparently treating this like a must-win game. I am officially tired of that phrase. After hearing the Bengals lose five consecutive must-win games this year, it's officially devalued. They really want to win, we get it.

--- The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review unearths that the Bearcats are struggling with turnovers. In related news, broccoli isn't always appetizing to children.

--- The bubble is up at the Jeff. Ave Sports Complex. Unfortunately, the team isn't cleared to use it yet. So, they practiced in a downpour at Nippert yesterday.

--- Butch Jones stated what we all suspected when Vidal Hazelton made the trip and was cleared to play against UConn -- he will not be receiving his 6th year of eligibility. Bill Koch blogged about it.

The receiver position still has plenty of depth without him, though. Kenbrell Thompkins is thought to be a special talent and should be a starter. DJ Woods will return. Anthony McClung gained valuable experience. Top recruit Dyjuan Lewis will be eligible. Of course, Isaiah Pead and Zach Collaros will be fine taking the pressure off of them.

--- Brett McMurphy at AOL Fanhouse discusses why geography doesn't mean much in today's college landscape.

--- As for today's randomness, I think I am going to quit before things get worse. .

"Worse, how they get any worse. Take a look around you, Ellen, we're at the threshold of hell." (NSFW Language)

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