Bearcats Breakfast 12.03.10

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Pre-emptive apologies, this will be a particularly brief Breakfast today. I hope anybody who has ever bought an item from Ikea and stayed up into the wee hours of the night trying to put the 184 pieces together can commiserate with my situation.

Last night inspired me to come up with a spin-off for a show on Bravo: Man vs. Bed Frame.

Thankfully, man won. Though many hours were sacrificed.

Fortunately for you, reading material will not be short in supply. The new face at and strong Ohio Bobcat Will Frasure put together a feature story on volleyball senior Stephanie Niemer.

She's a local product out of Kentucky who owned the Big East this year, in case you weren't paying attention. She set the record for most Big East Player of the Week Awards. And, today, she leads the Bearcats into the NCAA tournament for her senior year postseason run.

UC already beat their opponent, Western Kentucky, earlier this season. Also, in 2008, they beat WKU to move on to the second round of the tournament.

--- Scott Springer talked with senior Armon Binns about his final game for UC. Here's his story. Binns is a guy that will get a look on an NFL roster somewhere. I can't imagine it not happening. He's been fantastic here and had the physical ability to make plays on the next level.

And, of course, he'll leave UC owning one of the most famous receptions in school history. (Great photo from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette at the top of Scott's story) 

--- We have been doing senior conversations all week, bringing you the thought process of a few seniors leading up to the final game in UC red and black.

Yesterday we posted Ben Guidugli.

We also had convos with John Goebel and Jason Kelce.

--- Here's a few game notes from PIttsburgh Tribune Live. The headline infers the Wannstache isn't giving away his strategy. As more of a stretch in my eyes, it also infers he has one.

--- Bill Koch blogged about the comments of Wright State coach Billy Donlon. I meant to put some of his words in my morning after column, but it just slipped my mind. He definitely had some kind words for the Bearcats.

Cronin had some kind words for Donlon who, despite looking like he just got his temps, came off very impressive both in the media room and on the court.

You really have the feeling the Raiders are in good hands after losing Brad Brownell to Clemson.

--- Remember, noon kickoff for senior day at Nippert Stadium on Saturday. Also, basketball will be at Toledo tomorrow at 7 p.m.. There is no TV for the game, but you can listen to it on 700WLW.   

Quick randomness...

Best sign I saw fromt the depression that was LeBron reminding Cleveland of exactly why they were so pissed last night, came in the opening minutes. Second sign shown of the night read: Who needs LeBron when you have Bieber Fever!

Oh, Cleveland. That's not helping.

But how could you not have fever for a kid who can solve a Rubik's Cube in 90 seconds on Telemundo!  

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