Bearcats Breakfast 12.08.10

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The Breakfast gets right to the point today. 

Quick thanks to everybody that sent me emails and comments about yesterday's post about the future of the football program. Feel free to keep them coming.

Let's eat...

--- Brian Bennett gives his regular season recap. He calls the USF game the turning point. Hard to argue there. UC could have gone to 2-0 in conference, instead, fell to 1-1, lost Zach Collaros for a game and the concept of not being eligible for a bowl showed up.

His Offensive MVP is Armon Binns, who established himself as the best WR in the Big East.

--- Scott Springer caught up with Shoemaker Center opener hero Steve Sanders, who is more than just a one-shot wonder. But, it's hard to ignore what a great moment in UC history it was when he buried No. 20 Minnesota with 8-tenths of a second left.

--- You can make all the Utah Valley State jokes you would like, but they have actually won four in a row, including a victory at Oregon State. Jordan Swarbrick was named the Big Sky Player of the Week last week.

UC will still be heavy favorites, but the Wolverines will enter with a ton of confidence.  

--- So sad to see Dave Wannstedt go. Making Wannstache jokes was one of the perks of this job. Without him now, I feel almost empty.

It's now official, I can use this line one last time. As a head coach -- Chicago, Miami, Pitt -- the Stache has still not won a damn thing.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Ron Cook thinks this move was a smart one for the Panthers.

--- John Thornton has been saying for a few months that Marvin Lewis could be the next coach at Pitt. I resepct John's opinion, but I just don't see Marv being too enthusiastic about recruiting 17-year-old kids. Though, some could argue he's been dealing with the equivalent for the last seven years.

--- Sport Business Journal released the list of gifts the players receive at each bowl game. I am pretty sure the Chick-Fil-A bowl would be my destination of choice. And, no, the $250 Best Buy Gift Card and Fossil watch don't have anything to do with it. 

I'll have another No.1, please.

--- Brent Celek had been struggling to find his groove this season, but of late has turned it on for Philiadelphia.

--- Another flex of Big East muscle last night as Syracuse ran away from No. 8 Michigan State.

Rick Jackson has become a star. His story and Yancy Gates story are remarkably similar. Jackson lost weight and gained some focus and is helping lift Syracuse beyond its graduated stars. (He had 17 points, 16 boards last night).

UC has to go to the Carrier Dome this year. That will be a chore, but watching gates and Jackson go at it will be a pleasure.

--- Mike DeCourcy at The Sporting News isn't buying the Big East depth just yet. He looks at OOC schedules like the one UC is playing and withholds judgment.

He's got a point. He throws Providence and Rutgers in the mix with UC in that area.

--- The St. John's reclamation project hit a snag list night. Steve Lavin's new and improved Johnnies lost to St. Bonaventure for the first time since 1960. Yikes.  

--- SI's Luke Winn wrote about finding freshmen who fit your system is almsot as important as finding freshman with talent.

For my money, Sean Kilpatrick should be on this list. Maybe when he's more widely known by the end of the season he will be.  

--- Stephanie Niemer, Annie Fesl and Jordanne Scott earned All-Northeast honors by the American Volleyball Coaches Association. It should just be the beginning of the award season for Niemer, the BE POY, who finished third in the country in points per set.

--- How about some randomness....

--- I'm not sure the people planning the parade route didn't think about the difficulty in dragging a 10-story tall Rudolph past a street light, but the disappointed screams of children and adults kind of made the mistake all worth it.  

--- I've wiped out on a scooter before. It's pretty embarrassing. I can only imagine the embarrassment for Maryland CB Dexter McDougle. At least when I wiped out, it wasn't newsworthy.

--- A young Christmas mullet gives me hope our future will always be filled with gun racks and Dollar Generals.

--- While watching the games in the Jimmy V Classic last night, I again watched all 11 minutes of the Jimmy V speech in between. Every time I watch, it gets to me. 

It's one of the great speeches of our generation.

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