Bearcats Breakfast 12.13.10

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All of this snow has me procrastinating shoveling the driveway, which could be a big win for you guys as I may put some extra time into the Breakfast instead.

My garage is stationed in my backyard and wouldn't be considered the strongest structure ever built. I have a bad feeling that if we receive another day of snow like Sunday, it will implode like the Metrodome.

Which, by the way, if you haven't seen the video of the roof caving in at the Metrodome, you must watch this now. Wild.

Anyway, let's eat...

--- Rashad Bishop stole the show in the first half on Saturday night. He knocked down 7 of 7 7 shots from the field, including 3 of 3 from 3-point range.

It provided a great opportunity to look more into Bishop, who is quietly playing as consistently well as anybody on the Bearcats. Mick Cronin pointed out as much by saying he's probably playing as well as any small forward in the Big East right now.

Most all of it stems back to Cronin's suspension of the senior. As he said, it's sad this is what it took to bring this type of everyday effort out of Bishop, but the Bearcats are reaping the rewards.

Bishop deserves the praise for how well he's playing, but a large assist goes to the head coach on this one.

--- I also wrote a morning after blog talking more about what we learned from the Utah Valley game and why Cronin was laughing at Cashmere Wright.  

--- It's pretty clear this team is sick of beating up on nobodys. Every postgame press conference now includes a comment about how ready they are to prove they belong in the conversation of the Big East.

The respect card has been the opposite of last year when everybody pronounced them contenders after Maui, but a bit of overconfidence and complacency did them in.

--- The attendance has been up over 5,000 each of the last two home games. That shows the community has taken some notice to the hot start considering it was drawing around 4,000 early in the season.

It's still hard to believe we are talking about those numbers compared to what used to happen in that building.

Those sitting at home are missing some exciting basketball from a team that is 8-0 and passing the eye test right now. Unfortunatley, there's no other measuring stick to judge them by. But from my chair, this team is more equipped to win than last year's based on their passing, consistency in scoring every night and consistency in effort on defense.

Those can easily disappear when Big East play starts grinding away at this team, but for now they appear to have taken major steps forward in those areas.

--- For those people talking about schedule strength, yes, the Bearcats schedule is, by the numbers, the easiest in the Big East to this point. However, there aren't that many people in this conference exactly taking on all-comers. The BE is just too difficult to do that to yourself.

In fact, 11 of the 16 teams have schedule strengths that are outside the top 160 in the country right now by the Sagarin ratings.    

--- Did the Wannstache take over the Pitt basketball team for a game? (Sorry, I don't know how long I'll be able to get these jokes in) Still trying to figure out what happened to Pitt on Saturday when Tennessee dismantled them.

Maybe the Vols are just that good, but it certainly exposed Pitt's offensive concerns.

Louisville is soaring in the opposite direction. Many thought the Cards would be down this year, but they are playing well in the early going with a big win against No. 19 UNLV.

West Virginia is having some leadership problems after barely beating Duquense. (Dana O'Neil excellence alert) 

St. John's is having some, welll, everything problems with back to back losses to St. Bonnies and (gasp) Fordham. They even blew a 21-point lead against the Rams. Wow.

Villanova almost lost to LaSalle.  

Meanwhile, people love to be picky about the schedule right now, but UC isn't losing to these teams or even being pushed to any type of drama. Many other teams in the conference are. Appreciate 8-0, people.

--- Former UC coach Rick Minter is getting the heck out of Indiana State. Can't imagine he's the first person to be excited about that move.

He's headed to UK as an asssistant.

Joker Phillips was actually on Minter's staff at UC as the WRs coach in 1997.  

--- Graduation was this weekend. Congrats to the four Cats football players (Ben Guidugli, Jason Kelce, Colin McCafferty and Jake Rogers) who walked and the rest who all appear to be on pace to graduate within a year.

Here's the list from Butch Jones' blog.  

--- On to some randomness... 

--- Paste listed the top 20 live acts of 2010. It included a few favorites of my buddy C. Trent Rosecrans in The Hold Steady and The National as well as a few of mine in Arcade Fire, The Roots and The Boss.

Somehow, my epic karaoke performance of Regulators by Warren G and Nate Dogg was left off the list.

--- 2010 in faceplants.

--- In case you didn't know what Bush League means, here's a video of the Jets strength and conditioning coach tripping a Miami player on the sidelines.

--- I'm obviously a big fan of viral videos and Gawker put together the top 100 videos of the year compiled into 170 seconds. Here it is

--- I hope Tashard Choice's 3-year old nephew appreciates that Uncle T embarrassed himself on national television for that gift.  

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