Bearcats Breakfast 12.14.10

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UC hosts Georgia Southern tonight at 7 p.m. Yes, THE Georgia Southern.

OK, they are only 3-7 and beating up on these teams is getting a little old, but hey, it's college basketball and the Bearcats are shooting for 9-0. It could be worse.

What else are you going to do? You know if you watch the season finale of Biggest Loser instead of going to the game, that info is going to leak out. Your reputation would never be the same.

Let's eat...

--- The negative trend of first-year head coaches struggling took UC victim this season, but may play to their benefit next year.

Not only has the Wannstache left, but rumors are now circulating WVU's Bill Stewart may announce he will step down as coach of the Mountaineers. Neither would be a surprise, but both are serious blows to the continuity of the programs.

Apparently Okie State OC Dana Holgorsen would take over.

If the Stewart move occured, with all the changeover last season and these two moves this year you have Randy Edsall (who nearly left for Miami) and Greg Schiano as the only coaches in the league with more than two years experience here.

--- Dr. Saturday has maybe the best coaching carousel graphic out there. RichRod as John Cusak from Say Anything makes my day.

--- Brian Bennett mentions Isaiah Pead and Derek Wolfe among the Big East underclassmen who may look into their NFL draft possibilities. It would be wise for both to return to school since neither had the type of jaw-dropping year that warrants such a jump. But somebody late would probably take a flier on both.

A huge senior season, especially for Pead, could put him into the top half of the draft.

--- BearcatLair tweeted these photos of the stealth black UC helmets . I have to admit, I love all the stealth black helmets I saw this year and these are no different.

Personally, I would like to see the C-paw be red on there, but that would be picky. Either way, they are tough.

--- More uniform news! Tommy G said UC will break out the black version of the 1960 throwbacks on Saturday against Oklahoma.

--- Tonight's game will be shown on FoxSports Ohio, and SNY.  

--- UC received one less vote in the AP poll (5) this week and still only three votes in the coaches poll. I've gone over the numbers of the strength of schedule the last few Breakfasts.

The Bearcats don't have enough quality wins to deserve the Top 25 right now. By my estimation, if they keep winning, I think you would see them crack the first poll of 2011.

That would require wins over Miami, Oklahoma, DePaul and Seton Hall and UC would be 14-0. At that point, it would be pretty close to impossbile to keep them buried in also receiving votes.

It certainly helps keep UC humble for now. Bill Koch wrote about Cats v. pollsters in today's Enquirer.

I particularly enjoyed Cashmere Wright's quote about knowing this team is ready for Big East play and their new offense can score on a Big East defense.

"I know how good this team is," Wright said. "We play against a Big East team every day. We press against them so we know we can run our offense against a Big East defense. We know we can play defense just as hard against a Big East offense, so we feel like we're ready, but we've just got to wait for the right time to show everybody when we play them."

--- Scott Springer took a look at the state of the Cats right now as they approach Thunder Road. (I'm always glad to include a Boss reference for Mr. Springer)

--- A nice post over at Bearcat Banter where a poster calculated the +/- point ratio the NBA uses now. College teams don't, but he added them up for the first six games, not including Toledo.

--- I continue to see a connection between Louisville and Cincinnati this season. It's no wonder Cronin is a Pitino disciple. Here's this from Seth Davis' Hoop Thoughts.

"Lots of teams have depth, but few have as much depth and balance as Louisville. Ten players are averaging at least 11 minutes per game (with no one playing more than 26), and six players are averaging between eight and 13 points (with no one scoring more than that). It's almost like the Cards aren't sure game-to-game where their points are coming from. In their impressive home win over UNLV on Saturday, their reserves actually scored more points (42) than their starters (35). How often do you see that?"

You could pretty much switch the team names and you would have the exact same argument for UC. Seth also mentioned UC, but didn't really say much you don't already know. He just points out how excited he would be for the Crosstown Shootout should UC still be undefeated when they play.  

--- The SB Nation Big East blogs put out their latest power rankings (they were almost as heavily anticipated as the Cliff Lee sweepstakes). Regardless, they place UC at No. 8 right now, a few spots ahead of WVU.

--- How about some randomness....

--- Cam Newton's Top 10 list on Lettermen is pretty good and even includes my favorite punchline. #BieberFever

--- When keepin it real goes wrong.   

--- Emily Nussbaum ranks the Top 10 TV shows of 2010. We could definitely share a remote. I'd concur Community is the best show on television right now.

--- Donald Sterling may be the only owner in sports more universally despised than Mike Brown. Now he's heckling his player, Baron Davis, from his courtside seat during games. My favorite part was this quote from an anonymous source about Sterling's relationship with Davis, who he is paying $13 million this year.

"He hates him. He wants his money back." 

--- Even with Sterling, Brown's a close second. Here's Ryan Parker's latest and greatest that really sums up the depressing state of the fan base.

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