Bearcats Breakfast 12.17.10

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UC-Oklahoma will be Saturday night at 9 p.m. on ESPNU and 700WLW for those of you hoping to watch.

I won't be making the trip, but as soon as the team returns to town I'll be sure to have all the reaction from whatever happens. As long as Blake Griffin doens't find a game of eligibility, I like the Bearcats chances.

Let's eat... 

--- Jeff Goodman writes that the SEC/Big East challenge will become an annual event with 12 Big East teams taking on all 12 SEC teams.

Hopefully UC will land a spot in this event. I love all these conference face-offs. It delivers fun early-season basketball and this will be another opportunity for UC to avoid some of the problems of this year's schedule with a TV exposure event against what would likely be an equal opponent.

--- Tommy G tweeted yesterday that Duke was originally on the Bearcats schedule this season. They were going to play them in New Jersey. However, when Butler ended up against them in the championship game, the Bearcats were bumped for the Bulldogs.

Sometimes, you can't really blame anybody for these scheduling issues.

--- UC athletic director Mike Thomas weighed in on the state of the basketball team, the earlier schedule and a attendance with Bill Koch this week.

Thomas defended Cronin and pointed out UC doeesn't have a history of playing weak schedules. He mentioned that they are ranked sixth in the Big East since Cronin has been here for strength of schedule.

--- Scott Springer discussed UC's 9-0 start.

--- The other OU's web site posted a wide-ranging preview of the Saturday night's game. If you like to know your opponent, this would be the spot for you.

--- In case you didn't notice -- and I'm ashamed of you if you didn't -- I wrote a feature on Cashmere Wright yesterday. He has 21 assists to 5 turnovers in the last five games. Say what you will about Dion Dixon, Yancy Gates and Sean Kilpatrick, Wright improved play is the biggest reason for UC's offensive success this season.

--- Chad Brendel has a hoops notebook from Thursday's media session.

--- The dagger gave a Christmas gift to each BCS conference school. Here's his list. Unfortunately, I think his gift to the Bearcats is like asking for the garage full of power wheels when you were a kid. Probably not gonna happen.

--- KenPom had an interesting post on the head-to-head fallacy. He breaks down the numbers and finds that just because you beat a team once in no way says you will win the second time. In fact, if you won by single digits at home, last year you lost 67 percent of the time in the road rematch.

If you won by 1 or 2 points at home, you only on 23 percent of the time in the road rematch.

I don't know what any of that will prove, but it's interesting to think about.

--- The Bearcats needed help in the defensive backfield. That is no secret. Butch Jones dipped into the JuCo ranks to help fix it for the first time this offseason. He said there would be a few of these and Malcolm Murray is the first.

I can't say I've seen a ton of Murray, but as a sophomore this year his JuCo team did go 13-0 and win the national title. In two seasons he played in 27 games with 10 interceptions.

He's 6-5 205 so he even adds some height to the backfield. He'll be enrolled in January so we'll receive our first look at him in spring practice.

Signing Day for HS players will be Feb. 2.

--- The hiring of Mike Haywood has some Pitt fans uninspired, and not necessarily for Haywood, but how the Panthers went about it.  

--- It's crazy to think about, but UConn is going to lose a ton of money on this trip to the Fiesta Bowl.

--- On to some randomness...

--- Going to the movies is a losing proposition these days. The tickets are $10, the small popcorn is almost $5 and they don't serve a drink in less than 32 ounces. Oh, and sometimes you get stabbed with a meat thermometer.

--- I once lived with a roommate who had a parrot. It would imitate the sound of the phone ringing endlessly. Including at 7 in the morning. Well, I guess it could have been worse. It could have been possessed by Drowning Pool.

--- And a very important PSA from women everywhere.         

--- I want the Hulk Hogan Rent-a-Center commerical taken off the air immediately. That is all.  

--- Awful Announcing posted their list of the 10 biggest announcer gaffes of the year. This was one of them that I'd never seen before. The clueless reaction is priceless.  


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